A Telepathic Connection + A Plea From Ted!

A Telepathic Connection + A Plea From Ted!

I always know when I have a good solid telepathic connection with one of the guys. I get lightheaded, my stomach drops and I have an all-over energy zing. I compare it to the feeling you get when you round a corner, minding your own business and encounter something so amazing – so life-changing that you can’t help but smile. A moment of Utopia. That’s what it feels like:)

This evening I was in the bathroom, minding my business when I felt the tug to connect. With no trouble at all, I connect immediately to Ted. Our conversation went something like this (T = Ted, A = Allie):

A = Ted?

T = You’ve got to keep writing, don’t stop.

A = Writing about what?

T = You can’t stop, not now.

A= About?? My gypsy magic books, workshops, classes, the erotica…..??

T = Us. You need to write more about us.

A = You and Bill?

T = Yes, you’re not writing enough. More, more information — it’s imperative now.

A = The blog. Okay – I don’t get it. If you know how to contact me, why are we waiting for Bill? Pick up the phone.

T = No, that’s not how this is done. I made a promise — a promise I have to keep. Going around him, it’s not the way. You need to open up more, your feelings, daily, even the slightest connection. He’ll see it. Then he’ll act – but you have to write it. The book, our book. You need to write it.

A = After the magic books I’m working on the Black Triangle.

T = I know, I know — you must do them both — at the same time if need be. You’re 40th birthday is too late to be done. Has to be before — has to.

A = Okay, I’ll push myself.

T = We’re waiting for you.

A = I understand.

I could feel the connection slipping – closing here.

T = Always know that I love you. Always know this — no matter what. You have my heart, and soul forever……

And that’s that…..

I remember a reading that Cindy did for me sometime last year. In it she was very strongly lead to encourage me not to stop writing – Ted told her that I can’t stop. We weren’t exactly sure what he was talking about — this shines light on it.

It was very nice that it was Ted. Normally it’s Bill, but he’s been very quiet lately — too quiet. I thought that I wrote enough about the two of them and what I felt. Granted — I don’t write everything I feel or do as to me it just doesn’t seem significant. But if I take to heart what Ted said and then if I remember back to what Robert said – write it all down. I guess nothing is too small – is it?

Off to bed to see what I can come up with in regards to that nightmare last night.

Sweet dreams!

Crystal Sunshine!

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