A Surprise Visit and a Mysterious Folder!

A Surprise Visit and a Mysterious Folder!

This session felt like me looking into the future – but then with a surprise taking me out of the moment:)

I arrive in Bill’s office – he is behind a very messy desk looking at gallery proofs of his recent pictures. An assistant (I think) comes in and hands him a thick file folder. She mentions that he should look at it. He asks why? She replies it will be of interest. He has her leave it on a stack of papers and she leaves.

I watch the day fast forward, the sun set and the moon rise. He is at his desk putting some finishing touches on a project. He looks to his right and under a stack of work he sees a corner of the file folder. He light up a cigarette and grabs the folder. He flips it open and takes out a handwritten note with very pretty handwriting. The file contains my blog. He unlocks a drawer and pulls out what he has printed on my blog. He reads while he smokes. I move behind him and place my hands on his shoulders and massage. I can feel the energy pouring from me to him – his eyes get a bit of life back in them. I can tell that he can feel that I’m there by the slight smile on his face. He mumbles to himself – what am I going to do? After he smokes half a pack – he picks up the phone and makes a call.

He is now on the back patio of his ex wife’s house. She mentions that someone else obviously knows that he is Bill. What is he going to do about it. He shrugs – comments how it is not fair to drag me and my son into his crazy life. What if he brings me in and I hate his life – I’ll pack up and leave him broken hearted. She says that he knows better than that.

Fast forward a couple of days and a man arrives to Bill’s office. Bill asks what did he find out. This man gives him the low down on me. His ex shows up. The man leaves. She asks Bill – what is he going to do? Again the whole crazy life story. She says that he is full of BS. She starts to yell at him that he’s been lonely and wanting me for years. Now that he knows who I am and where I am – that he should do something. They argue. She picks up the phone and says either you call her or I will. He says – you wouldn’t dare. She stares him down. He knows that she would.

Off to my right I sense movement. I look over and it is Ted! I look at Bill and then back at Ted. He smiles and asks – can you see me? I reply – yes. I’m really in a state of shock here and Ted flashes that killer smile at me. He comments that I’ve been wanting him at the same level as Bill – and now he is. He grasps my face in both of his hands and lays the softest kiss on my lips. He kisses my neck a few times and by now – quite frankly – I’m toast. No really – I am. He tells me that I had better get used to seeing more of him. He then looks over at Bill and says – had those papers arrived on my desk, there would be no hesitation.

I hear a large “boom” from behind Ted and he just disappears and I wake up.

Interesting session – but much too short. I had figured that Ted was at the same level as Bill just because of the energy I have moving through my body.

I’m going to do my best today to catch up on the comments left behind on the blog – but I’m way behind schedule. Today my little trooper went to the doc for his 5 year old check-up, complete with 3 shots. The kid was tough – much better then his mom!

After my son woke up this morning – he comes teetering into my office and says:

“Hate makes people sad mamma and that isn’t good.”

He’s so darn smart!

Until tomorrow…

Crystal Sunshine!

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