A Stumbling Block is Revealed!

A Stumbling Block is Revealed!

I entered into a forest. Sitting on a fallen tree was Bill, a black cloud of despair surrounds him. I realize that I am in spirit form and he cannot see me. His eyes look so sad – so lost. I call out to Jesus – he arrives, bathed in a brilliant white light, immediately. I ask for his help. A group of angels arrive with Archangels Michael and Raphael in the lead. Jesus waves them off and they all fade away. He says. “My child, you do not need my help for you have the power within you to heal his sorrow. It is your connection that he misses, your touch – not mine.” He tells me that he has faith in me and I should too.

I take a deep breath and place my hands over Bill’s chest. I can feel an powerful light travel through me and into Bill. This light pushes the blackness away – it leaves him and shoots straight up to the heavens to wash away. The sparkle returns to his eyes. I go to pull my hands away and his hand shoots out and grabs my right wrist – but not actually “grabs” as I’m not therein physical form.

He says, “I know you’re there. I can feel you. Come and get me.” I tell him that I love him, he replies that loves me. With that, he fades from view and Jesus is there. He tells me that Bill will be fine now – that he is healed from his pain and his faith is restored. I ask if we are supposed to be together – then why is he keeping us apart? He replies that it’s not him – but me who is causing the obstacles. Confused – I ask – how? He smiles and says – “You already know. Have more faith than that.” and he disappears. So now I’m in this forest all by myself. It then comes to me that what the problem is 1) that I NEED to finish my books – NOW. 2) I need to have more faith in my abilities and quit asking for help. My angels and guides will always be there when I need help – but I have to trust myself more than I trust them. Obstacle 2 will be harder to overcome than 1 – but I can do it. I must!

With that I am back in the library/church from the last session. I’m observing all of us looking at this very old book. I see by my hand, 3 stones – all of which I already have in my possession: The Kazakhstan Strawberry Quartz, the Red Hematite Quartz and the stone I found in the pacific ocean near Malibu. Bill has his hand over a stone – I can’t see but a glimpse of it and it is a star shaped crystal. I want to see more – but I am “told” not right now. Then I wake up.

Every morning when I wake up, I pull 3 runes to see how my day will go. For the overview of today was the blank rune, challenge – strength and action needed – blank rune again. What this tells me is that I need to keep my faith strong today – that today is another day in terminations and new beginnings and that my life has outgrown its old form. Pretty much sums up what Jesus says.

I’ve decide to start doing Podcasts for iPod and iTunes! I’ll list the Podcasts on iTunes and on Gypsyadvice. Each 30 min segment will included two or three Q & A from “Ask Allie”, a magical item of the week and an overview of the blog. My hope is to start this mid-July. More details to follow!

Today my son is 5 YEARS OLD!! I can’t believe it! Well – technically, he wasn’t removed from my body (C-Section) until 11:22 pm EDT. So we still have alittle bit:) But he’s strutting around the house today saying he’s a big boy now! The kid cracks me up!

Off to go to our birthday lunch!!

Until tomorrow!

Crystals and Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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