A Strange Letter, Thursday And The Guys!

A Strange Letter, Thursday And The Guys!

Okay — it takes a lot for me to stand back and say – WTF? But this is a bit out there — even for me. Now you have been following the Bill, Will and Ted saga – right? If not – read below this entry and get acquainted or this tid bit I’m about to say won’t mean squat to you.

Tracey emailed me yesterday – all freaked out – and very perplexed. Seems she received a letter in the mail with no return address – postmarked in RI. Inside there was a single sheet of nice white stationary paper and on it, written with a fine black marker, was:

See you on Thursday.

The writing was neat – good penmanship. No signature – no nothing.

Ah yeah — I would’ve freaked too.

Could it be one of the 3? There’s always a chance. Who else would it be? She and I think it’s the same person – Bill. I told her that if Bill shows up on her doorstep – after she regains consciousness she is to give him my address and tell him to start driving – lol:)

Neither Tracey or I think it’s him 100% – we’re about 95% sure. Now I really can’t wait for tomorrow!

I spent a good part of the day planting raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and grapes. Tonight I’ll put in my tomatoes, peppers and corn. I’m tired already:) I just hope everyone lives…Sometime – maybe tomorrow – I have to go out and trim things: trees, shrubs — they’re a bit out of control.

Very soon today – I’m going to be getting a ready from my friend Gab. I get a reading from her about once a year – she’s great with talking to the deceased and for communicating with your guides. I have a whole range of questions to ask her (and yes, Will, Bill and Ted are among them) and I’m really curious to hear what the deceased has to say. I wonder if Heath will show up? I normally ask about the guys -and I asked last year she said:

Will: will meet in 2008 – mind blowing experience.
Bill: Has been to my web site dozens of times. Has no idea what to do or to make of the situation.
Ted: Gab wanted to know if I had met him. He was very strong around me. Seems that when I get a reading – people always ask if he and I have talked.

I get that always about Ted — and he’s the 1 I haven’t met! I seriously will pass out when he’s in front of me some day. I hope I’m already sitting down when he walks into the room.

What else did Gab say last year? Oh that I have a lot of love around me, I’m never alone and that although things will be tight – money wise – everything will work out and I will always have enough to make ends meet. Love wise – alone for 2007 – most of 2008 until fall of 2008. That’s when I find someone who will treat me like a queen and I will know what it is like to experience heaven on earth. In the meantime though I will be very experimental sex wise. This has to be about the explosion of OBE sex I’ve had this last year….

I’ll let you know what she says this time around:) She really is amazing calling out people by name (all you do is give her your name – that’s it) talks about how they know you and how they died – then messages delivered. She’s really very good.

Okay – must run – will be talking to her in a few.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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