A Song and the Cowboy!

A Song and the Cowboy!

This latest development is about a song. It’s called “Left Outside Alone” by Anastacia (she’s an artist well known in Europe). I heard the song on the radio last Thursday – felt a connection to it immediately – but what connection I didn’t know.

I finally found the song on iTunes late last night. I was listening to it this morning as I got ready to go on my walk and I just started to cry. No reason to cry – but I couldn’t help it. It was if someone else was crying through me. I know that this song is about the artists battle with breast cancer – but I knew that wasn’t it.

During my walk it came on (I wear my iPod as I walk). My 3 stone pendant radiated an intense energy into the center of my chest – it was almost like it was burning a hole right through me. Of course I’m thinking – what the heck? Then that “door” opens and I see both Bill and Ted listening to this song. Each guy is very emotional and I know that this song reminds them of me. I had that energy zing w/the hairs standing up on my arms to indicate I’m right. The song has a lively beat to it – but the words are so sad. I hate it that they are both so unhappy – I’m half tempted to take out an ad in the LA Times to announce where they can find me:) I know – why don’t I just go to them? If it was that easy I would’ve done it by now:)

Back to Anastacia – if you haven’t had a chance to hear this woman’s voice – it kicks @ss – I’m going to buy the whole CD and download it.

Okay – now I just had a flash of Bill and I back in the frontier days – as husband and wife. His nickname was “Cowboy” and mine as usual is “Sunshine”. I see him leaning up against a 3 pole wooden fence – looking at his horses. I come up with a pail – it appears to be lunch. He kisses me – gives me that grin and looks into the pail. That’s it.

Boy – today started off on a bang! I wonder what the rest of the day will bring?

Until tomorrow (or maybe later today)…

Crystals and Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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