A Shift Is In The Air…

A Shift Is In The Air…

No time for a session right now, although I can sense, somewhere under the water, one will be coming on whether I want it or not. A shift is in the air, I can feel it. It’s psychic scent is all over me like a bad hair day. But this shift isn’t bad –oh no — but very good and VERY overdue:) I don’t know which sector of my life the shift is coming — but when it does it will be shift and change my little corner of Ohio for the better.

Over the weekend I finally had a visit from Bill. Our dream visits have sorely been lacking as of late. My guess is his erratic travel and/or sleep schedule. Here’s how the dream went:

“We were at a party, I saw him from across the way. This place we were in was familiar, we had been here before in other dreams (although I think the last place I remember it was in a dream with Ted). We chatted a bit and decided to get out of the party. We were both very laid back and relaxed with one another. At the next party we had these necklaces on. I can’t remember what – but each of us had I think 3 on. He laid back on the floor and I snuggled into him. I made a comment about this faded black t-shirt (the same one he had worn in previous dream visits) and grabbed it, on his tummy, and then let to fall back. He chuckles. A shift is in the air and he says – mood changed, its time to go. I feel that the change was that of friendship and being laid back and relaxed, to one of sex — like a swingers party. But we had to take the necklaces off 1st. We did and placed them in small baggies. But when I was looking at them, Bill picked one up and said that this wasn’t his. I asked – can we sort this out outside this party? He agreed. He helped me gather up the necklaces and went in front of me. I got sidetracked by a bathroom. I knew that I had to go — but I also knew he was waiting for me outside. I was torn at what to do, but I headed to the bathroom thinking that he would wait for me. I woke up – and I did have to go to the bathroom.

The dream felt very nice, relaxed and one of friendship and respect. Bill looked scruffy, but good, like he had been doing a lot of thinking and he lifted a weight off his shoulders. “

So I told Cindy about the dream and said I think he’ll be visiting her soon.

Sure enough — she emailed me this morning:

“Good morning! Do I have some interesting information for you.

Okay, Bill visits me in a dream last night.

He calls me on my cell phone and asks me to pick him up at the airport in New Orleans in three hours. I say, sure, you know who I am? He says, well, don’t you know who I am? I laugh and say, I guess you have a point.

I call you on your cell phone, but I do not get an answer so I leave a message.

I leave for New Orleans immediately. I get to the area of the airport and I am looking for strange and unusual vehicles. Then I go in the airport and I am looking for people that could possibly harm Bill????

I feel that it is safe so I call him on the plane and say….you are safe for landing…

He gets off the plane and he has on all black, sunglasses, pants, t-shirt except his hat, he is wearing a baseball hat with some team on it…though I do not remember what baseball team the hat was orange…

We rush out of the airport and rather than getting in my car, we get into another car. The car is a red mustang GT. I remember that because I used to have one.

We head to the French Quarter and I take him into the back entrance on a hotel that I know….the Montelone on Royal Street. We go up the elevator to a large suite.

He changes his clothes:)

Then he says….here is a cell phone that you can use to reach me anytime. It is linked to mine. I want you to answer this phone whenever it rings. Do not give the number to anyone else. It will always be me that calls. If it rings you must answer it. I say sure, okay.

My actual cell phone rings….its you….I look at him and I say, its Allie, he says answer it. I say okay. I tell you who I am with and you ask if you can speak to him. I hand him the phone. He says….its time. Be in NO ASAP. We will pick you up.

Then I woke up….”

So — are you following this — I email her back with this reply:


Guess what? I got a text message on my phone at 7:39 am – no message in it and with no reply information! Just like it appeared out of no where. The symbols in the FROM: is what reminds me either of a bottle or a screwdriver and the “@”. Now — I have not been able to get the new message indicator off my phone! I have no more messages of any kind — yet the darn thing will not go away!

He needs a direct link to you — so make sure you leave it open for him and when he jingles — answer:) He is also looking to you for psychic protection. “

Too cool…..she leaves me a message in her dream — now I can’t get the message indicator off my phone! I wonder what will happen next?

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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