A School, Another Shift and the Holocaust!

A School, Another Shift and the Holocaust!

I immediately arrive in a school. Reminds me of an elementary school. There is writing on the chalk board – it reads: fear not hath the life you lead dry up as the current shifts to a flow that will sustain you throughout your life journey. Have faith that what is happening is timely and crucial to your soul. Have faith that you have not been brought to this point without a reason. You are loved.

I sit back on the teachers desk and look at the classroom. There are the old wooden desks, faded cut outs of apples, I see stars and a moon. The ABC’s are on the wall.

My guide, Robert, enters from behind me. He says – do you remember when the ABC were difficult? That you thought you would never learn? I say – yes. Some days I think that I still have trouble. Arms folded, I look at him — what’s going on Robert? What’s happening to me and why won’t anything change? I unfold my arms and pace. Did you see what yesterday was like? It was a mess! I did my podcast 10 times – the buzz noise was there, I couldn’t get rid of it. Who was visiting – who kept messing things up? Robert says – you know who. No I don’t or I would have told them to scoot away. It wasn’t someone – it was you. Me? How is that possible? You field of energy has expanded 100 times over. This is why you, not anyone else, is upsetting your electronic equipment. Your headaches, you losing your train of thought – all symptoms of this shift. I have to ask – the emotional part – is it that or PMS? He laughs – you don’t have PMS.

When is something going to break – anything?? People are not getting back to me. My book sits ready to go to the printer, but no one gets back to me. I’m at a standstill with my personality tests that are due in 2 days – because I cannot proceed until I get answers, but no one is answering me. I’m frustrated. Robert smiles and I notice that his eyes are just so blue right now, very nice, like deep pools of blue water. He says that the experience is necessary – that they are parts of the bigger picture.

Okay – what about what I learned last night? That my son was my son during the holocaust, Ted was his father. We were separated – Ted died saving me, although I died at a camp after the officer I was having sex with had enough and through me to the gas chamber. My son died in some experiments with drowning. I cried for a long time about this last night. It explains the connection he has to Ted, his extreme fear about being separated from me and with his head being under water.

I also learned about people selling holocaust victims (before they died) life insurance. Taking their money when they knew that there was no way that the families could collect. Why was I shown these things? And how could I have died in a camp in 1941 and then turn around and die in 1958 because of Bill and his death? Robert tells me that I was young when I was with Bill – only 17 when I died. I looked at Robert. The child I was carrying – he was Bill’s but it was my son again, wasn’t it? Robert shakes his head — yes. Boy – that sent a chill through me.

But why now? Why do I have to know more about the holocaust? He says because of my story. I’m rewriting it – right? I also want to turn it into a book – right? Yes on both accounts. You need to add a few more things to it – like the insurance – people need to know. He goes on – you really need to push this. You have to get the story down and out. This is the time for it. Not only will it open people’s eyes, but it will open more doors for you than you can count. What about my gypsy magic books? They should have been done already – he says. Get them done.

Stop looking for more freelance work he says. You will have more than your share with the British company. You need to get your own work done – it HAS TO get done.

I have headaches now and my body won’t stop trembling. I know he says – keep taking your blend of flower essences. It the shift, it is effecting all of your energy fields.

What about the heightened blog activity – the fact that I am being evaluated? It’s something that needs done. You know that.

The school bell rings – making me jump. Robert tells me it is time for me to leave. I’m done.

WOW! The last two days have really been unreal. I can sense a major change – a big big big major change – but I’m not getting any details. Grrrr…….

The taping of the podcast about sent me over the edge. On take 10 it was being published no matter what. So if it is my energy messing things up – how do I deal with that for next week? Also, my rambling and lose of thoughts. It is insane! My wireless keyboard and mouse wouldn’t work. The washer and dryer went nuts along with my dishwasher. I was ready to go back to bed!

Today…I whacked out the gas stations pumps. All of a sudden they just went nuts around me and we all had to go inside to pay. I wonder if this whacked out energy is also happening to Bill and Ted?

I hate to work my butt off and feel like I’m not making any progress. Very frustrating! Knowing now that my son was my son during WWII and that he was also Ted’s son explains a lot to me. It also explains to me Ted’s quest to have a son (so far 3 daughters).

I’m going to try to post more than 2x a week. I have a feeling that things are about to move very fast and if I don’t write things down it could escape me.

Have a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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