A River, Faith And A White Light!

A River, Faith And A White Light!

Today starts my weekly mediation session with Tracey — and what a great session I just had! I placed myself on the floor with three crystals around me and my healing wand in my hands. As soon as I sat with that healing wand my hands got zapped with the energy that was going through my body and then the wand.

As soon as I started the session I had a sensation of flying. I was flying up- up -up through the clouds. When I landed, I did so in the woods, by a rushing river. It was overcast and rather dismal looking. I glanced over and there was Will. I asked him what was he doing here? He told me that he laid down for a nap and here he was. Will had on all white. When I looked down at myself so did I.

Across the raging river I saw Bill and Ted. They too were dressed in all white. Behind them was a light. Over to my right and up in the sky I could see Tracey in a ball of white light – hovering and watching what was going on. Her hands were outstretched and she had an amazing white light coming from her and around her. I also saw three peace doves around Tracey’s white light – flying with her.

Bill and Ted wave Will and I to come over. We look down at the rushing water and we both know that there is no way we can get across. We then hear a voice that says — have faith. We make sure that the other one heard that voice – and we did. Will says this must mean that we can get across if we have faith that we can. He grabs my hand and I tell him that I’m scared. He replies that he will never let anything happen to me. That he will be there to make sure I am safe. I glance across the river and Bill and Ted are walking away – towards the light.

Will and I take a deep breath and step onto the water – we don’t sink! Hand and hand we walk over the water to the other side. Once on land – we glance back at the dark shore where we just came from. I ask Will if he noticed what way Bill and Ted went? He didn’t see. But I can see a light in the distance. coming from a cave and we move towards it. We enter the cave and it is so very dark and cold. I call out their names and I can hear Bill replies that they are on the other side of the cave. How do we find you? I hear Ted reply – follow the light. And that’s where I see it – a light in the distance.

Will and I make our way towards the light. It’s a tough go, many boulders to climb over, some rough stones to maneuver over, some water – I slip, Will catches me. We get to a section and I can see the light, but it looks like it is straight down. Both Will and I slip and go falling down this very bumpy and rocky passage way – when we got to the bottom – Will broke my fall. I asked if he was okay – and we both hurt – but were fine. Now we saw the light up above us and we knew we had to climb. With Will behind me – we move up the rocky wall. Sometimes slipping, sometimes getting a decent grip. A few times when I slipped – Will was there to stop me from falling any more.

We kept following the light and the more we followed it – the bigger it got. We finally hit a straight surface and went walking through – hand and hand towards the light. When we reached the light we reached the end of the cave. The other side was wonderful – light – joyous. I could see angels everywhere – birds, animals, plants, trees — it had such a good feeling to it.

Ted and Bill both hug us. Ted said – I told you we’d be here when you made it through to the other side. Bill went on to say – make through the pain and this is what you have to look forward to. Will jumped in — and I will be with you every step of the way.

Jesus came over to me and told me that he has missed me. That he has watched me struggle in the darkness. There has always been a light for me to see – but sometimes I had blinders on and could not see help when it was offered. Everything that is happening to you is a gift he said. Everything is a test – a lesson and is making you into the person you are meant to become. Do not struggle so much against the darkness – rather work through it and you will see the light. Follow the light as it will lead you down your path. That I have a light, love and a new path to look forward to. In the distance I can see the castle that I had many visions on in the past – it is the castle with my healing center.

I can see Tracey still in a big ball of white energy with the doves. She smiles and me and fades from view. The guys tell me how much they love me and one by one they fade away.

And I’m done:)

I defiantly get what this session means – about what is coming up from me and that I will make it. I understand it all and I have really been working on seeing all of this as a gift. I know why it is all happening – but it’s that Taurus part of me that hates change:)

BTW…I have noticed a large group of new people are reading this blog – welcome! Just an FYI that I do not use real names in this blog EXCEPT for me, Tracey and Will. It is also noted that all of my interactions with these real people have taken place on the astral plane, in dreams and by telepathic connection. The only person that I have physically ever met is Bill and that was many years ago.

Have a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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