A regression and another hospital trip!

A regression and another hospital trip!

Last night was awesome! I became privy to more information on the past life where Bill was washing me down for my showing/funeral (see entry for March 27 for more information).

Here’s the scoop:In this particular lifetime, the two of us were married partners, and our union was blessed by the monks in the temple and blessed by our families. Bill was a loving, gentle man, very respectful, kind, considerate, compassionate. He was a loyal and faithful husband, one with much honor and integrity. Bill became the head of his household, the head of the family at a very early age; he was quite wealthy, powerful, yet humble and kind, and very generous and merciful, understanding, and wise. He had many responsibilities in this lifetime. I was kind to all, known to love people, and the people loved me, as I was one with many divine qualities and merits. The two of us had four children, the oldest a son, and the other three beautiful daughters. The place where I was resting was a special building at the temple, as I was very wealthy, and this was a common practice at that time. Bill was washing and dressing me, and having time for private prayer, and he was chanting. He gave me much care and compassion in life, as well, at my death; he gave you much compassion and care. He knew that he would see me again as he knew that I would go into the light and return to be with him again. Rather than good-bye he was merely saying: “See you soon my dearest love”.The qualities that describe Bill in this past life also describe him to a “T” in this current lifetime.

It’s a good thing I woke up in a good mood as we had to head back to the ER today. Kyle developed hives on Friday that quickly spread to every orifice of his body. The itching was unreal – poor little dude. To the doctor we went on Friday – but on some medicine and said if you don’t see an improvement by Monday – give us a call. Well, when Kyle woke up this morning – it was mind numbing how bad the hives looked. Tried to call the Pediatrician – got sent to the Cleveland Clinic’s “Nurse on Call” where I kid you not – I was on hold for 30 min before I talked to a real person. The nurse said get him to the ER.. We get to the ER and the doctor there says hives – yes, life threatening – no. So….he gives some more meds and we are supposed to go back to Kyle’s doctor in the morning who will send us to a Dermatologist. I can’t think of what could have cause the hives (and swelling). Nothing out of the ordinary happened – no change in diet or anything. Doc’s say he’s allergic to something. I guess we’ll have to see.

Until tomorrow…

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