A Reading On The Triad As The Worry Subsides

A Reading On The Triad As The Worry Subsides

I’m still emotionally drained from the worry over the weekend. It was so intense, so forcing me to do something. It was stifling, and very unnerving. But I did sleep better last night, waking up only once due to the dogs barking at an outside cat fight. Today I’m not frozen, I can work — although food is still not at the top of my list. Of course, that maybe a good thing:) I’m confident that Bill will do the right thing and that the person who needed to see the blog entry — did. So besides sending Ted daily doses of light and telepathically telling him to go to the doctor, there’s not much else I can do.

Since I am drained, and I still have a headache – I don’t want to do a session today. Instead I’m going to do a three card reading (past, present and future) on the triad. I’ll use my Shapeshifter deck. My question is: What happens now?

PAST: 21 The Double (major arcana card)
PRESENT: 5 Struggle (air element – wands)
FUTURE: 4 Merging (fire element – swords)

In the past we were trying to uncover wisdom, to seek out answers of what, why and who. In doing so we would travel the astral plane, visiting one another and the ascended masters, angels and God to absorb into our unconscious what we needed to know. From that, our conscious struggled to pull what was hanging just on the outskirts of our memory into the conscious realm, so that we could make sense of it. This was also a time to start to let go of unhealthy relationships and to gain the upper hand on the inner tricksters – that part of us who wants us to believe all this is made up — and the outer trickster, those who would deceive us to keep us where we are and not let us be who we were born to be.

Currently, this is a time of separation, strife, anxiety, worry and frustration towards one another and the issues of our connection. This is a period where we have to let go of useless self-destructive and self-sabotaging patterns — this way we can unleash our creative natures. A cycle of renewal – a fresh start at life is at hand. Standing on the verge of a change in personal consciousness, a change that will alter our lives and how we view our goals and desires. It will be a shock both to Bill and Ted that I’m right about the tumor and this in turn will push them, and us, down the path of change. One or more of us will awaken suddenly from a time of non-spiritual thinking and/or an unhealthy way of living. Our path to be reborn is laid out in front of us, but we must make the decision to make positive changes.

The next six months is about gaining multi-dimensional awareness. Merging with the Divine and with one another so that we consciously know we are ONE. A time of renewal and regeneration, empowering us as we conceive, create and experience in a conscious way (unlike it mostly taking place on the dream, astral and unconscious planes). During this time we will each have a need to be alone, to mediate on the issues — but we must keep an open mind and be flexible. During this same time frame, each of us will disengage ourselves from someone close who we have allowed their powerful, negative emotions and responses to affect our lives. But we must watch our tongues and not blurt out an angry response that could cause us to burn a bridge we will need – and can being defeat to our hopes and dreams. There is also a dangerous person in our midst (each of us may have one or just one of us — two of us) with whom we are involved with and it is a must that ties are broken for our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual safety.

Looks like tome that the next six months will not be easy, however, the triad physically reuniting is good and most anything that we have to go through in order to accomplish that goal is worth it. Not only for us, but for all those to which we are going to help.

And on that note, I’m going to get back to work.

BTW…the newest podcast is up! http://www.gypsyadvice.com/askalliepodcast/index.html

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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