A Rant, Bill, Dave And Robert!

A Rant, Bill, Dave And Robert!

I have to rant for a second and then I’ll get on with my session. My book, “Gypsy Magic For The Lover’s Soul”, not only was missing “T” in some important titles (I had an – able of Contents), but the ingredient measurements for the incense, oils and sachets were missing. Not all, mind you. But an one or two in each formula. SIGH. Not my fault, but that of the printers. What IS my fault is that I didn’t check that way back when — I assumed all was okay. And you know what I say about assumption. Live and learn — live and learn.

Another non-peaceful day. The guys are here for the new gutters. Although they are noisy, at least they’re cute. So it’s not all bad 🙂

For the 1st time in I don’t know how long, both Bill and Ted are doing well. Neither is depressed, both have a lot on their plate, but they are meeting it all head on — and with a smile. There’s optimism in the air – a wonderment about what lies around the next corner. They both feel like school boys set loose in a candy store. It’s such a glorious feeling – one that is having a most positive effect on me and in turn – I send that positive energy back out to them and to all around me. My husband is even optimistic. And hell, that hasn’t happened in 13 years. So good times noodle salad!

Because Bill and Ted are both in a positive place (oh, and one of the reasons Ted is positive is that he finally got rid of the blood-sucking, energy-destroying She-Devil he’s been with for over a year) they have been showing up in my energy field about 10 times a day for the last 5 days. Ted seems surprised when he’s here and Bill — I can tell Bill is experimenting on purpose to see what he can — and cannot do. He’s intrigued and confused at what he is finding out. Boy — can I relate!

I’m being asked to start a session – but not to stop and hold my wand. I am to type as things progress and odd enough, I am to play my iTunes library, starting with Right Here by Staind. I can immediately sense Bill by my side. He has a mischievous look on his face, just like a kid who is caught in the cookie jar — but then tries to convince you that you are seeing things. He has tried to convince himself that his visions and dreams of me are false, but he can no longer do such a thing. He keeps saying – almost there – almost there. Keep waiting. Be right there for me. I assure him that I would be here for him until the end of time. He is pleased with that response. I am being shown a villa on a beach. I ask him where it is? He says that he does not know – that the has seen it many times but does not know where or why. I reply that I too have been here many times in visions. He says that this will be home in the near future. He hands me a orchid and says to dream with him tonight. Always I tell him – always. He fades from my view.

Next I am being confronted by my friend Dave. His hands on his hips and tells me that I’ve been very difficult. Why can’t I listen he asks? Why? You never could – he goes on – always thought you knew more than me. I tell him that I would have remembered to put a seatbelt on and as a fireman/police officer he knew better and should of had it on — therefore you wouldn’t be dead. I’ve always got to have the last word – he says. And he’s right – I do at times. Be careful – be careful. He keeps repeating it. Of what I ask? The flames, you need to watch the flames. I don’t get it – flames of what? Keep tuned into me and I will tell you when you have to stop. You have to listen to me Al, do you hear? I hear you Dave, I hear you. I promise that I will be more alert. I will always be by you Allie. You were a good friend in life, and I ignored that. Now I will keep you safe, I’m supposed to – I need to. But you have to hear me. I miss you Dave. I miss you too Al, miss you too. And he’s gone.

Now I am confronted by Robert – my guide I haven’t see in forever. He tells me that I’m moving along — but not fast enough. I should have had the books done, he told me that I should have them done. I know — writing the last one. Write faster. There is a huge curve ball coming your way – in a good sense – and you will need to have that book done. How many times do you need to complete this lesson? I’m on it – I assure him. Good – we’re all watching. The next phase is here. And he’s gone.

I’m told that I’m done with the session.

So much to do and little time. I hope Robert realizes that I’m still watching LOST tonight:) No one keeps me from Sawyer! LOL.

Have a great evening!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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