A Plea From Ted, An Unbreakable Bond and Call Me!

A Plea From Ted, An Unbreakable Bond and Call Me!

I hear that the baby girl born to the brain dead woman in VA is doing just fine:) Miracles do happen!

Had a meditation session with Cindy today – we’re back on track now for Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


What part of “when the door is closed don’t bug me” is so hard for an adult to understand? My kid gets it. Good thing I was almost done with my session before the door opened.

The pull was great and I knew I had to go to Bill first. I enter and can see him at a desk, staring at a computer. I think he is looking at the blog or my picture – I can’t really tell. Next thing I know – Ted is standing next to me. He says that had someone contacted him – there would be no hesitation. I asked who contacted Bill? Ted shakes his had – he doesn’t know. He wraps his arms around me and asks why don’t I come to him? Why do I keep concentrating on Bill? I tell him that I must meet Bill first and then him. He asks why? I say that there is no way for me to get to him – that it is easier to get to Bill. There’s a back door. There is no back door for him.

Ted goes on to say that he will take care of me forever if I would just let him. He caresses my face so soft – so gentle – it makes me weak in the knees. He stares deep into my eyes and whispers “you know how I feel for you.”. Then he flashes that smile. I tell him if he wants to get the ball rolling to call Bill and have a chat. Eventually I’ll come up – they can discuss me – and someone can make the call.

A person enters the room and Bill hurries up and hides what he was looking at. Ted is staring at me and then in a split second he’s gone. Through a portal I can see him wake up – he was asleep in a chair. He grabs the phone and goes to dial Bill’s number – but he can’t quite remember why he is calling him. So he hangs up.

To my right Archangel Michael shows up and grasps my hand.

Next thing I know I am in my meadow. Ted and Clive are standing there – looking very handsome. Archangel Michael is there along with Archangel Metatron ( I believe it is him ). I turn and Bill arrives – bathed in a white light. He looks refreshed – although still a bit weary around the edges. A knife is produced and Michael slices the palms of me, Bill and Ted. Us three are to hold hands. Cindy arrives – bathed in white light. I turn to her and ask what is going on. She nods her head for me to pay attention to Metatron.

In a tongue I do not understand – Metatron chants the same 5 words repeatedly while Cindy, Michael and Clive send a blinding light into us three. When it is all done – I look at my hands, no more cuts, they are healed. Do I feel different? I’m not so sure. I know something feels changed, but I don’t know what.

There is a blinding light and I end up back watching Bill – his head back on a chair – eyes closed. The phone rings, he opens his eyes and answers. I hear him say “Hey Ted” and then I wake up.

Some more poetic inspiration…

In the center of my heart
There is a kernel of love.

Waiting for you.

It has a circle of fear to protect it,
From the World,
A wall to protect the fear,
A wall to protect it from myself,
And so forth,
–until all that the world sees,
Is a fortress made of stone.

BTW….someone asked me if they could repost one of my poems on their web site. I don’t mind as long as you give me the credit – and it would be nice to be notified that you are using my work.

Looking forward to having some happy inspiration sometime real soon:)

Until Tomorrow…

Crystal Sunshine!

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