A Perplexing Nighttime Visit!

A Perplexing Nighttime Visit!

Last night I had a visit from Ted. It as about 2:30 am and something awakens me. I open my eyes – I’m lying on my back – and there he is floating right above me. His green eyes staring right down into mine – about 2 inches away from my face. This startled me and quite frankly – scared the crap out of me. It jolted him too – by the look of surprise on his face. In a flash he was gone. I tried to go back to sleep – but there was a feeling – a memory trying to resurge from dreamtime. I could tell that it was important and that it was about Ted. But alas – nothing came forward except the sense that he and I just completed a dream visit before I woke up.

Instead I kept hearing the faint whisper of my name. I sat up and looked around. Hubby was snoring himself a new log cabin and the kid was cuddled up with his stuffed dog — fast asleep. I keep hearing my name – barely – so I walk around the house thinking that maybe I’m having a “Dr. Doolittle” moment. I know – how far fetched is that? But hey – stranger things have happened. Checked on the animals all snoozing so soundly that if a burglar came in – I doubt they would have known.

So I head back to bed. I’m drifting off to sleep and I can feel someone nibbling on my neck. I know I’m not imagining things cause the base of my neck is the one spot that if kissed gently – I am puddy in your hands. So — I KNOW when that area is touched. Husband – sawing logs – not him. So I lie back on my side – this time facing the hubby – just in case. I can feel my neck being kissed again and a tongue being flicked across my spine all the way down to my tailbone. It dawns on me – Bill. How I can feel him through the astral plane is beyond me. It’s unsettling and exciting all at the same time. If he can reach through to me this way – than I must be able to do the same. So I whisper for him to stop – as it’s now 4:00 am and I really need to get some sleep before my alarm rings at 5:00 am. He must have complied – because I didn’t feel a thing afterwards and fell to asleep. Which is good as if he would have continued – my butt would have been taking a very cold shower at 5:00 am instead of taking my walk!

Back to Ted for a sec….I saw some recent photos of him last night and he looked like the same hell I saw in my vision yesterday – in fact – he had on the same clothes. I had hoped that his current girlfriend would help him feel better about life – but it doesn’t look to be the case. Man – his choices in dates has not been a good track record in his life thus far!

I have about 6 new poems started – but they are each only 1/2 way done. When I would get about a 1/2 of the way – a new thought would pop into my head that had nothing to do with the current poem. So we’ll see if I can get them finished today.

My hands are on fire today. The heat is unreal! I keep sending healing energy to various people in hopes that my hands cool down a notch – so far all they are doing is getting hotter. I may have to go outside and place my hands on the dirt in order to ground myself. This could alleviate some of the heat.

I know that yesterday my tone about Bill and Ted was rather down and in the dumps. It’s not that I am not grateful for the connection – I am devotedly grateful. I also know how incredibly blessed I am – I am truly and completely thankful. It just gets very frustrating. Especially since I know (intuitional not factual) that Bill has looked at this blog and he has put two and two together. Another lesson in patience for good ole Allie.

Until tomorrow…

Crystal Sunshine!

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