A Passion for Out of Body Ecstasy Sex

A Passion for Out of Body Ecstasy Sex

Surfing the net, I recently stumbled upon Allie’s blog. I was so excited when I saw that someone else is just as passionate about OBE sex as I am! And what a wonderful surprise to discover that it was Allie. I know Allie through my studies at Sex Coach U.

I love reading Allie’s writings about OBE sex. Not many people on this planet have such a profound knowledge about OBE sex as Allie has. I strongly recommend you get a copy of her e-books on Out of Body Ecstasy sex if you haven’t got them already.

I am delighted that Allie has invited me to contribute as a guest blogger here.
So let me introduce myself. I am Uta – dakini, sex coach, teacher of the Taoist arts of love and explorer of the ecstatic realms of OBE sex.

I have always been fascinated with dream realities, altered states of consciousness and lucid and OBE experiences. And when I had my first OBE sex experience I was totally blown away! It literally was an out-of-this world experience, and I was longing for more!

Recently, a fellow dream traveller of mine has shared with me a great piece of advice. “If you want to experience more OBE’s, lucid dreaming and remember your dreams, the first thing you need to do is make dreaming important in your life.”

And this is so true. We need to give more importance to our dreams. After all, we all dream our lives into being… Talk with others about your dreams and your OBE experiences. Share your dreams with your beloved, your friends and your family of OBE travellers.

And why not get yourself a special journal, a beautiful one that honours the importance of your dreams. Then note down your dreams and record your exciting ecstatic adventures that you experience in your dreamscapes.

Enjoy 🙂
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