A Painful Session = A Release And A Understanding

A Painful Session = A Release And A Understanding

I am very hesitant to start today’s session. I have been told to, by my guide Robert (surprisingly he’s back) to put on the song “Amon Hen” and hold onto my healing wand. Now this song brings forth a very strong emotional reaction from me – always has since the 1st time I heard it. There’s a connection to a past life with both Bill and Ted and this song brings forth the visions of their death – as well as my own. Not something that I wish to revisit. So I drew three Runes, asking why do I have to listen to this? Why now?

What I drew:

Overall – Jera (harvest)
Attitude to take: Dagaz (breakthrough)
Result of attitude: Hagalz (disruption)

So what I get from this is that the combination of the song and the wand will spur me closer to a trinity reunion as it brings forth a revelation resulting in a disruption in what I have understood thus far.


Here goes:

I grab onto the wand as the song begins. An electric current races through my body and centers in on – my third eye. It hurts, it burns. My right hand keep getting electrical shocks from the wand, my left hand vibrates with intense energy. I’m taken almost into a whirlwind – through a haze I emerge at the scene of our deaths. But what I hadn’t known before is that Bill is on the opposing side – or the murderers. Ted is screaming – not the children, but we are told that they cannot live and let the Atlantis live on. I have a crystal in my hand and it is knocked away. Ted has a crystal necklace that is ripped from his body and tossed. There is death all around us.

I – now – am crying so hard that I can’t believe that I still have a grip on the wand – which is so charged of energy that I might as well of had my hand in an electrical outlet.

Bill is now in the midst of this all and sees Ted and I. His face is that of shock and he immediately jumps in front to try to save us. But it’s too late for Ted, who has had a sword through him. Bill battles the best he can to save me – he’s not about to give up, not at all. His friends keep telling him to stop – one in particular who battles it out with Bill. I discover that this is my husband (as in today’s world). I’m shocked – very shocked – in this reality, at home and I cry harder. My husband kills Bill. He now stares at me while other men rape me repeatedly – he does nothing but watch.

My soul is out of my body and is next to Bill and Ted like I’ve witnessed before. But what I haven’t seen is Larry coming up to my body and shoving a sword through me so that I die. I can tell by his eyes that we were friends before Atlantis split and killed me to release me from this pain. The other men move on – leaving the dead where we lay. My husband is gone and around the corner when Larry finds the crystal I had, as well as Ted’s necklace and pockets them. He says a short prayer over us and moves to catch up with his men.


The song ended and thankfully, so did the visions. I do know more now than before – never knew Bill became the enemy at a point, never knew about my husband and he being friends and then my husband killing him – nor did I realize that Larry was involved.

I must say, as painful as it was and as much as I cried – it was releasing. I could feel the blackness of that time escape me. It also explains why my husband has always had a problem with Bill going YEARS back before I put two and two together. Unfinished soul business. Explains more though, about my husband who I know has a healing touch and refuses to use it. I’ve always known at some point in time he was a great healer – one in demand and in high ranking. This must of been at the time of Atlantis, but he had chosen to travel the dark side after the fall of the great continent. Now he struggles with his life and his demons, just as Bill does. But then again – don’t we all have something we struggle with?

Whew – I’m glad that’s over.

I did make a discovery earlier in the day. Once I piece two and two together more – I’ll let you in on it. Right now I’m just trying to make sense of it all.

Have a wonderful day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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