A Nightmare, Life Force And Ted!

A Nightmare, Life Force And Ted!

What a weekend! Easter was fabo..and my ham was even better than that! Best one to date I believe – the ham that is…not the holiday:) I also spent some much needed down time playing my Lord of the Rings online role playing game. Man…it rocks:) I forgot how much I enjoyed playing a RP game. The other part of the weekend had me ripping apart The Black Triangle — again. It’s been rearranged, torn part and looking damn good about now. I have a few more things to change on it which I’ll work on before I host the L Word’s Monday night sex chat as Alison Ashby. It’s nice as now they have two of our stories playing during the chat in case someone wants to listen. The two tonight I wrote both of them…..so I’m kind of partial to people listening to them. More info on how to join us for FREE along the right side bar of this blog.

I had actually started to write this entry last night as Brigit keeps tell me to relay this nightmare I had — one that is way too vivid in my mind. I hate these type of dream visits, especially when I’m an observer only and not able to change anything. Okay — so there are a hundred or so people in this very old and very large house. It actually reminded me more of a small castle than a house. The two that live there, a young couple in their 30’s, are the life of the party. Everyone loves them and everyone is having a great time. There is an abundance of drugs and booze floating around. I’m watching all of this and I ask myself — how did these two get so much money — especially since I had this sense that it was old money, old money not from either one of their families?

Someone shows up next to me – all in white and asks if I really want to know why. I feel a sense of dread grow in my stomach, but my curiosity got the best of me so I say – yes. I see the house rewind in time a year earlier. There were many people around, another party. The young man was coming into a lavish bedroom with a huge 4 poster bed made of cherry, with a deep red comforter. It was a great room and a great bed. There is a woman lying in the middle of the bed, asleep. She has long dark hair, a long but elegant nose. Fine features, thin body – but healthy looking. She’s on top of the bed like she passed out — wearing white shorts and a pink short sleeve shirt. The man takes a glass next to the bed and places it in the base of a planter.

The woman is barely conscious. The younger woman I saw with him in the future comes in and they put this woman on a large rug — the kind the mob would use to roll a dead body up in. The older woman tries to struggle, but she is powerless to do much. People are coming in and out of this room, but no one seems to be helping the woman. The two younger ones place liquid cement in this woman’s nose and mouth. Then they roll her up into the carpet and walk away. I can see the carpet move as she struggles to breathe. Her legs kicks out, I can see the bottom half of her. I can feel her life force draining from her and I’m filled with this severe panic. I know (for some reason) that a certain being should not see me here observing as harm could come to me and my family if I am caught witnessing this. I guess that I am also this woman’s assistant (somehow…I don’t know) and I have a great affection for her in this life time. Seeing her die and not being able to help her is just killing me. I scream that I’ve seen enough and everything is fast forward to the present where I see the young – married – couple enjoying this dead woman’s money. Seems that her death was ruled natural and he inherited everything.

What I don’t get is how did they get the hardened cement from her nose without leaving any evidence behind? And why am I watching all of this? What purpose is it to me? All I have to do is think about this dream and it make me ill. So there you go. I was just told that the purpose is not for me but for someone who will read this blog. It will strike a cord with them.

Lately I have been able to tastes Ted’s essence — and don’t get all dirty minded there — I mean it, his life force–I can feel it, taste it, smell it. He is very here all the time now. There’s such a change with him and Will. I can feel either man touch me while I’m awake, while I’m going about my day-to-day things. The touches aren’t sexual in nature, but small energy caresses to let me know that they are here. Ted consciously is seeking me out. He knows where I’m at, he knows how to find me — and he has a hard time understanding all of this. But he willing to take a chance on something because so far his life choices (in love and in friendship) haven’t really been all that good. I think that he is tired of feeling like he does and that is why he is willing to try this. Will on the other hand is also reaching out consciously — but he does not know it’s “me”. So in his conscious mind he is searching for the energetic spiritual body of someone who he has this longing for. He has no idea what I look like (unlike Ted) so he does not have a face to go along with the energy. Since Will is higher up the spiritual food chain than I am — and he did find me to begin with — I am positive that he will figure this out. Even if he arrives at this blog “by accident”.

Have a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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