A New Past Life – The Roaring 1920's!

A New Past Life – The Roaring 1920's!

It was suggested to me today that I simply close my eyes at my desk, with my hands on the keyboard for this session – and just type.

I am sitting in he clouds overlooking a city. I looks like NYC and it is very busy and beautiful. To my right comes an angel, Archangel Michael to be exact. I’m very honored to have home here and I tell him just that. He smiles and holds out his hand. I take it and we sore through the clouds to what looks like the 1920’s in NYC. I’m behind a bar, serving drinks. There are men and women around, great music, everyone is having a good time. There is a large man at the front door, letting people in. My guess is that I’m in a Speakeasy. I ask Archangel Michael and he doesn’t say a word, only nods for me to watch “me”.

The more I look at me, the more I can pick out faded bruises on my face. My smile is fake as well as my display of kindness towards the patrons. I see Ted in the back. He is wearing a suit – looks very handsome. He nods for me to join him. I tell the other woman that I’ll be right back, I look around and I follow him.

Right when I hit the back room – I hear all hell break loose out front. Ted grabs my hand, moves a shelf and behind it is a tunnel. We jump in and run like hell until we end up in what I think is the NYC swear system. I ask “Nick” what is going on? He tells me that his boss doesn’t like the competition – so he’s closing the joint. He gives me a deep kiss – tells me to go down the pipe until I can hear bells and then turn left until it dead ends. The way Ted is talking it is in 1920’s lingo, but for some reason I’m writing it as present time speech – not sure why. Archangel Michael is there and he takes my hand. I don’t want to go I tell him. I have too many questions – where are we? What’s my name? What’s going on. All he says – in time. And we go through the sewer pipe.

We emerge in present day LAX. I’m sitting down, at an airport restaurant, laptop out – typing away. The place is packed. I hear the hostess tell someone that there are no more seats available. I look up and it’s Ted. I go up to the hostess and tell her that he can share a table with me – I don’t bite.

I’m then whisked to today – to Monday Oct 10th – again in LA, but I’m in a hotel room – Ted’s room and I’m an observer. He is washing his face – his eyes look like hell. He launches into a coughing fit and then takes some pills. There is no one in the room but him – and he is so very tired. Worn out. I look over and it is no longer Archangel Michael but Raphael who is now beside me. I know what this means – Ted needs more healing. I send a combination of red, green and white light into his chest – right lung to be exact. I can see him flinch. He shivers as if he is cold. I can barely hear him say – make it go away. He lies down on his bed and closes his eyes.

Now I’m back into the clouds. I tell Raphael that I want to talk to Bill. He says that it is not up to him. I ask that he make it up to him. He says that Bill does not want any connection right now. I ask why – I can feel his pain, his longing – why? Because, he replies, if you connect to him you will not get your work done and it is important that you do.

With that I come out of this meditative trance I was in. I look back at what I’ve typed – it’s legible to a point:) Good thing I have spellchecker!

I think it’s great that another past life is emerging. I have always had a fascination with the 20’s and Speakeasy’s – now I’m beginning to understand why!

So much for me wanting to stay disconnected from the two of them. But I can’t help to want a connection – even if it is small. I understand though, why I can’t have the connection now and I’m okay with it. The time will come. Until that time, I’ll just keep working!

Until later…

Crystal Sunshine!

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