A Murkey Haze of Dream and Telepathic Sex!

A Murkey Haze of Dream and Telepathic Sex!

Telepathic sex or dream sex that was the question I was facing when I woke up this morning (after I said wow).

My experiences with OBE sex have been placed on the back burner for months now. It’s difficult for me to concentrate on my college courses and allow OBE in. But when creativity hits me (like it did yesterday) OBE sex is part of the territory.

Todd. His energy vibration works well with mine. Completely in sync no matter what time of day it is. I hope the universe has it planned that we physically meet. If not – then I hope whomever I’m involved with sexually his energy is along the same lines as Todd’s energy.

Back to this morning…

I have half awake/half asleep when this happened…

Todd’s fingers lightly traced my jaw line – his hazel eyes stared deeply into mine. He bent down to kiss me, his lips lightly touching mine. My fingers slipped into his thick head of hair, drawing him in closer. The pressure of my lips opened his mouth slightly. My tongue darted into the hot recess of his mouth, his tongue meeting mine to dance. Our lips merged into one as our kiss deepened. There was a fire inside of me – the deeper our kiss became, the more expansive the flames grew. I could tell that the light within Todd matched my own. His body twitched as his tongue probed deeper. He was having as much trouble controlling the energy that pulsed through him as I was having. A moan broke loose from my lips as little pulses of energy escaped from his fingertips into my skin to as his hand slid inside my bra to cup my breast.

I was then fully awake and it all faded from my senses. I stayed still, on my side and silently cursed. Trying to will back the moment. I couldn’t. Our connection was severed…for now.

Dream or telepathic sex? My feel is that it started as a dream and shifted over to telepathic as soon as I consciously realized my surroundings.

If I have anything ot do about it — we’ll pick up we’re we left off tonight.

And might I add — I’m creating a new world – new story for TV. I’ll be creative for a very long time to come — or should I say cum?

Happy OBE’ing!
Allie 😉

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