A Mirror, Energy And A Death!

A Mirror, Energy And A Death!

My heart’s heavy today. One of the stray cats I’ve been feeding for the last 6 years was hit and killed by a car this morning. After being hit she ran to my neighbor’s yard where she died. I learned about this after I took my son to school. I had just fed the cat only an hour before. Girlfriend Kitty (yes, I made up that name) had the bluest eyes I had ever seen, softest – whitest fur and was such an independent soul. She was always so anal about looking both ways before crossing the street and never doing so in rush hour traffic. But today she did both – and her nine lives were up. She never liked men – and my neighbor came out to get his paper (and mind you this man wouldn’t harm a soul) and she freaked – and ran right into a car – it ran her over and she turned around and ran back into his yard (which is where she started) – and died.

Poor Raisin (the stray I bring in when it’s cold and GFK boyfriend) just sat there and watched the horror unfold. I haven’t seen him since all of this happened. I get so very attached to the animals I care for. I’ve found over the years that I have a harder time dealing with an animal’s death than a human’s. Although I don’t do death well at all. I know what happens to the souls after death – but as I’ve stated in the past I’m physical person – I like to physically be around someone.

And just yesterday I asked Raisin what am I going to do with him and GFK when I move? He I would take with me – but I was worried about her. I guess the universe answered that question.

Now my day started off rather grand. I again didn’t fall asleep until after midnight and my dream time was all Will and Bill from what I remember. Little fragments of things – Will and I sitting under a tree, Bill and I going over a layout to a book – things like that. When I woke up and took care of the my son and the animals, I went in the bathroom to get my shower. As the shower was running I looked in the mirror before I climbed into the shower and I saw Will. His face, his smile — which was a first – seeing him in a mirror – but when I placed my hand on the mirror where his face was – a shot of energy flew into me, making me take a step back and gasp for breath. Now THAT was strange. My feel here is since mirrors are windows/doorways to other dimensions, he either astral traveled or dream traveled into that dimension, looking out at me. This is why I could see him and why I was zapped as it was his energy in that mirror. I wonder if he has any recollection of doing this?

I’m not getting much done today because I cannot concentrate. But I’m going to keep trying.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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