A Mirror, A Crystal Ball And A Re-Union?

A Mirror, A Crystal Ball And A Re-Union?

My dreams have been so whacked-out as of late. Not anything too off the wall – but they have been so darn busy! Every morning for the last 2 weeks I wake up so tired after all the traveling I’ve been doing. As the day goes on I’m better and can stay up even past 11:00 pm! Although not too far past:)

I have been trying to get pulled into a session all day. It’s been quite annoying as I’m trying to work. But I can feel myself being really yanked hard to come on. I emerge in a room. I see a very large wall mirror – vertical – with gold trim – on that gold trim I see gold roses, tulips, and daisies. Reminds me of a door. I can see some haze in the mirror so I go closer. In the mirror I can see Bill, Ted, Peter, Clive, Frank and Jorge (new guy – not sure why I picked that name – but he is already friends with everyone else in real life – expect Peter). They are all looking into a crystal ball. I can see them watching me as I am typing this very session. Before I could open my mouth to comment, a hand reaches out, grabs me and pulls me through.

It is my guide Robert. I ask him, why did you do that? He just points towards a hallway. I hear a front door open, close. Bill and I come in, we are discussing dinner. I can tell this is within the 1st 24 or 48 hours after we met. We enter into the living room (where I’m at) and I see my face just – well – be more surprised than I’ve ever seen. I look at what “I’m” looking at and I can see Peter, Clive, Frank and Jorge . I am shocked and ecstatic. I’m hugging all of them, holding onto Clive very tight. I can’t believe that they’re here. Then I here a voice – “I hope you saved some for me”. I turn around and it’s Ted. I about have a heart attack. I don’t think I’ve ever moved so fast as to jump into his arms and just hug him. He just keeps saying that he can’t believe I’m real. I can feel Bill’s eyes on us – he’s happy but at the same time upset that I’m so comfortable with Ted. Before I can say a word – Robert yanks me back through the mirror.

I’m back where I started. I point to the mirror and Robert says – you’ve seen all you need to. He wants me to follow him down a long hallway with many doors. We go to the end of the hallways and we are in a huge library. The kind I’ve always wanted where you need a ladder on wheels to get to all of your books. He pulls out the one with the yellow dust jacket – mine – about Kyra. He hands it to me and tells me to really look at it this time. So I do. I can see that Kyra is not an adult with a child – but 18. I flip through and I can see her adventures unfold. I find where she meets her love. She saves her father. All is good. I look over at Robert. I tell him that she gets pregnant in another book – has the child. Her gypsy clan wants her to get married – she refuses which is why her and her son are on their own. It’s an ah-ha moment. I tell Robert thank you and I hand him back the book.

He wants me to start on Kyra as well as start book 3 in the magic series. He gives me a kiss on my forehead and sends me packing.

And there you have it…..

Back to work I go!

Until later…

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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