A Map, Me Naked and Atlantis!

A Map, Me Naked and Atlantis!

Oh good God – there are no PICTURES of me naked! I want people to come back and read this blog – not run off and join a convent! So get your mind out of the gutter:)

I sat with my three crystals and my healing wand in my hands. I also listened to see who else would want to join me – an Amblygonite (for peace of mind – release chronic dissonant thoughts) and Petalite (quiets heart and ease nerves) jumped up and wanted to go!

I entered into what appeared to be clouds – very soft, very comforting. My heart was beating like it needed to win a race – I took a few deep breaths and stepped through the clouds and onto a beach. The sand was white, the water a bluish/green. I used to arrive at this place continuously when I started my meditation – but now it’s been months since I’ve been back. In the distance I see my large crystal clear pyramid waiting for my presence – if I choose to do so.

I look down and realize I’m naked! This was a first – I’m usually clothed. I took advantage of the freedom and waded into the cool water. I come back out and wave my hand down the length of my body – I am now in a white, silk robe with a hood. I leave the hood off and make my way towards the pyramid.

Off to my right, I see an opening in the tree line. I move to investigate and discover a small private nook. It is a half circle in shape with purple and while lilacs all around. Lilacs are my favorite flower and mingled in between are carnations and then roses rounding out my top three favorites. The scent is soooooo wonderful! Behind the flowers there is a tall hedge, so this place is very private. In the center stands a very large clear crystal, with slots on the face of it. I realize that I have stones in my robe’s pocket. I place the stones in to 4 of the slots: Laser Twin Quartz, Kazakhstan Strawberry Quartz, Brown/Bluish stone from the beach at Malibu and a Large Double-Terminated Quartz (all which I actually have). Nothing happened. I placed both of my hands onto the crystal’s face and a beam of light came from above into my crown charka, through my body and into the crystal. The stones & the crystal light up.

Now before me a holographic image comes up of a beautiful place full of flowers, crystals, people and merchants. I know that this is Atlantis. Like from the original Superman movie with Christopher Reeve, a talking head shows up – and it’s me. Talk about a shock. I am being told, by me, that great things will happen – that they are about to happen and many people will try to discourage me from taking my destined path. But I must ignore the naysayers and do what is right – for myself, for my son and for mankind. I am told that there are ways to determine who tells the truth and who does not. That I will be able to tell in the present who the traitors were from Atlantis and that they are trying to spread their evil once more. There’s a bunch here I don’t remember…but then she/I chime in and say that I have the right idea about the stone pendant – but I’m still off. I ask how. She/I says that I’m smart enough to figure it out. Leave it to me to be a smart @ss even if I am a holograph! It dawns on me that what I need to use to wrap the stones isn’t silver, but copper. She/I smiles. I ask if all of use need the copper. I am shown silver, gold and copper intertwined around one another and then around the stones. I say “your kidding?” I/she says “no” and then quickly adds “you’ll figure it out you always do.”

Then Clive joins “me” in the holograph. There is discussion about a map – a map to Atlantis. I am shown a brown leather-bound, very old, dusty book. I am then shown a large building that was once a church/temple now a library. I’ve seen both several times before. But I am told that the answer is not there – but the confirmation. Clive proceeds to tell me that in order to reach this step, we must all be together – in the holograph now there is also Bill, Ted and Cindy. The map is in my head – in all of our unconscious waiting to be extracted. That if one of us meditates – and it doesn’t matter who, but we ALL should try – we can draw the map. No matter how crudely it is drawn – we will know where it is located in this world by comparing it to an old world map. We can then figure out in modern times where Atlantis is now located. It’s like if each of us draws something – that if we put the drawings together we come up with the full map. The pieces will work, but if we can all contribute, it will be easier.

Can’t remember what happened next – but I wind up in Bill’s arms, in the present. I see Jesus off in the distance, he waves and sends light our way. Then I wake up.

Well, now I know why the artistic side of me has awaken. I appreciate art – hell, I LOVE art. But I’ve never been an artist – stick figures has always been as good as it gets. But lately, I’ve really been surprising myself with my son’s colored pencils. I had better keep practicing if I’m going to be able to draw any sort of map.

I still have that feel of something major – but nothing has transpired as of yet. Strange though – I keep getting a vision of getting an important fax. This would be odd since the number of faxes I have gotten in the last six months I can count on one hand!

Somewhere in my house lies two self-publishing books. Both thick and yellow. They have just vanished! I have looked everywhere. Sure I have enough books to open my own library (you can never have too many) and they are here, there and everywhere. But it’s an organized mess I tell ya! I think that some spirit is having a joke on me. You cannot miss these books – you really can’t! I hope that they show up very very soon!

Until tomorrow…

Crystal Sunshine!

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