In need of a lover? Why wait? Grow one:)

Supplies: Flower Pot, Dirt, Spring Water, Tulip Bulb (to attract a female), Onion Bulb (to attract a male)


– Fill a flower pot 1/2 full with dirt
– Plant a tulip or onion bulb
– Water with the spring water
– Place in sunlight
– Tend to in order to keep it healthy
– If you can add your tears or for women – menstrual blood – to water the bulb, it boosts the chances of success!

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  1. wow i just want to say i found this link in a group i belong 2 in yahoo, and funny how know one else posts, but i have to say thanks! i have been looking all over the web for true gypsy lore, news, magic etc..because my great grandma is gypsy, and i have been very intrigued as much as i can, laso because im clairsentient, also if you know any other great links id be really grateful, thanks again!
    p.s. we have lots in common too,as i myelef am a writer and enjoy magic alot, anyways id lvoe to get to know you more if it possible.

  2. Hi Heather!

    Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the universe:)

    Glad to hear that my sites/blogs are helpful in your quest!

    Have a wonderful day!

    Crystal Sunshine!
    Allie 🙂


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