A London Flat, Healing and Atlantis!

A London Flat, Healing and Atlantis!

Okay – so I’m feeling ambitious this weekend and decide to get my podcast started. Only problem was – I got sick and lost my voice! Man – I’ve never seen two guys so happy that I didn’t have a voice – my 5 year old really got a kick out of it. So instead of working on my podcast – I spent the weekend finishing my rewrite of “The Black Triangle”, finished up the oil formulas for the new book and wrote down all of what I want in the new book.

So far everything seems to be on schedule to release my love magic book on Friday! Yeah!

I did go to the doctor today – I managed to make it back from the doc only a few minutes behind schedule! I went to the doc who listens to me – got my meds and I should be good to go again by tomorrow!

I talked to my mom about helping my cousin. She was more open minded than I thought – a nice surprise. She tried to mention it to my great uncle to see if his sister (my cousin’s mom) might be okay with it. It was a big fat no. And I mean no-no-no. She has always been a hard one to talk to – it’s always her way is the only way and she has controlled my cousin all his life. So if she says no – than so does he. They discovered more tumors on his liver. He really doesn’t have much time left – I wish that they would let me help. I’ll try to do what I can remotely.

Now on to today’s session – I notice that when I have a session with just my healing wand and the moldivate, that I go to Atlantis. Anything else – I either don’t go or it is just a glimpse.

I entered into what I believe to be Ted’s flat in London. Not 100% positive but pretty sure. I see that he is running around the kitchen like a mad man. I throw down I think suitcases and my laptop backpack onto the floor. I walk in and I must of really surprised him for he jumps back and then is “what are you doing here?” I reply that I have a key. He says he knows that, gives me a kiss and goes on to say that I’m early. I tell him I caught an earlier flight. He won’t let me in the kitchen. He reaches in his pocket and hands me a credit card. Tells me to go shopping. I tell him that I just got here and I have my own money – I don’t want his.

He gives me a sigh (like why must you give me a hard time about money) and says to please go buy something on him. I know he really wants me out – so I go.

I get in a two seater – like a roadster. I have to be out of the US cause I get in on the right. As I’m driving away I try to look behind me and it’s strange because the scenery kept changing. First it was a castle, then a house on the beach and finally me waving a taxi down outside a building in London. Very odd.

When I get back. I go back into what I perceive to be the flat (I know this has to be it as I recognize it from previous visions). He gives me a kiss and tells me to go put my stuff in my room (I did not share a room with him – but I don’t think we slept apart either). I open the door and Bill is lying there on the bed. I jump on him and shower him with kisses. We roll around laughing. I am very surprised to see him. He asks where is my son and I mention that he is with his dad back in the states for a couple of weeks. Then Ted appears at the door and comments “what – he gets all the kisses when I pulled off the surprise?” I jump up, grab him by his shirt and pull him on the bed – kissing both guys cause I’m so damn happy to have them both in the same place.

Ted and I are sitting down eating the dinner that he made. Bill is no where. I don’t think that this and Bill on the bed happened at the same time – feels like a split vision like last week. Ted tried to make dinner – and it’s not bad – kind of crunchy. But I eat it and make him feel good by at least trying to cook something. We decide to go out to a pub.

Next thing I know I am lying on my beach. I feel someone lie down to my left and it’s Bill. He kisses me and tells me how much he has missed me. I ask him if he talked to Ted on Friday like he was supposed to. He says yes. I ask if they talked about me at all and he says he doesn’t remember. I’m like – what do you mean you don’t remember? And we wrestle around a bit.

He grabs my hand and tells me that we need to go swimming. I say that I’m hardly dressed for it. Next thing I know we are both naked. I asked him how did he do that? He just smiles, grabs my hand and we dive under the water.

We surface in Atlantis. The white marble feels so cool under my feet. I notice that we both have on our NZ necklaces. I asked if he did that? He just smiles.

I run my fingers over what reminds me of the roman numeral 3 – it’s on a white column. On the next column there is a new moon and on the next – the sun. Bill comes up behind me to tell me how much he has missed me and starts to kiss my shoulders and then….my neck. Well – I’m a goner and we have a very energetic and fiery love making session.

Where we are at there is a round, raised pool. Like a large round sink – I can rest my hands on it and gaze down into the pool. The water is silvery – this reminds me of what a seer would use. Around the outside are symbols, but I don’t remember of what. This appears to be of the same material as the building – but if I look closer I can tell that this is made from Moonstone. I cannot see anything in the pool and I ask Bill and neither does he. I ask what is supposed to happen next. He doesn’t know either – but he is sure we will get a sign. Everything is unfolding he says – as it should be. I ask if he is going to call. He says he will. I ask when. But before he can answer – I wake up.

Darn it all.

About the NZ necklaces. It’s no secret that I want to travel to NZ in the worst way. A client of mine offered to send me travel brochures – I was delighted. When I received them, in the package was a small wrapped gift. I open it up and it is a pendant (triangle shaped) of greenstone (nephrite jade). I almost fell over. This is the same pendant (only smaller) that I’ve seen Bill wear, but I didn’t know what it was or where he got it. Now I know. Odd that we both now have the same pendant…..:)

Better get cracking – I’ve got work to do:)

Until tomorrow…

Crystal Sunshine,

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