A Little of This and A Bunch of That!

A Little of This and A Bunch of That!

No — you’re not imagining things. This is really a post by yours truly. You guys are so sweet to have missed me. I can’t tell you how many emails I have received asking me when I was going to post again. It really is nice to be missed.

I have to switch this from Blogger to WordPress by my birthday (May 2nd). Someone don’t let me forget:) Email me by April 15th and remind me. I’d greatly appreciate it.

As you all  can imagine – A LOT has happened since my last post. So go grab a cup of java, tea or a glass of wine and come back to read.

Brodie died Jan 7th. It broke my heart. His nose had started to bleed more the day before and I couldn’t stop it. I knew something was coming. He needed to go outside to the bathroom. He went and then immediately had a stroke. It was horrible – just heart breaking. The tumor had pushed through to his brain. Oh the pain he must of felt. Thank God my neighbor Bob was home (who Brodie adored more than anyone). Thank God through my sobbing he knew what I needed. He helped me carry Brodie to the car – not easy seeing it was 100 lbs of dead weight. Bob had a hard time saying good bye so I could drive off. By the time I finally got him into the vet – his passing was quick and painless. Everyone at the vet loved Brodie and all stopped what they were doing to be there when he passed. I miss that dog so much. But seeing how protective he was in life (he chased away two bible thumpers 15 min before his stroke) I’m sure he’s still close by. Gimli had a very difficult time with Brodie’s passing. Countless hours were spent outside looking for his friend.

Gimli is doing fine now – he’s turning into a good dog. He still eats things he shouldn’t – but he’s left my couch, carpet and table alone.

School is kicking my butt. Social Psych and Sign Lang 2 are going great. Stats hurts my brain (but I think I have a B in  there) and Ethics is killing me. I’m doing piss poor in that class – but so is most students. That class may ruin my dean’s list for this semester. I’m still part of a research team at school and I like doing this. I discovered that I won’t be able to graduate till May 2011 instead of Dec 2010. I have 2 classes that I can’t fit in – 7 classes in a semester is a recipe for disaster.

I don’t know if I mentioned that I was going to get my certification in sex coaching. Even though I have been ding it awhile – I thought it would be nice to be certified. This is going well. I love learning about this – educational and fun:)

I had a part time job and lost that same part time job. They are trying to talk me out of quitting – which is nice. But I don’t think I do well as a follower. I also though to myself — is this the best use of my time? No. I love to help people – period. This job wasn’t even close to it. So I told myself that if I dedicated x hours a day to that job. Then I could do the same back at Gypsyadvice and Keen. That’s what I’m doing.

After I post this — I’ll be doing the podcast and the OBE blog. I know – shocking:) I do have some surprises coming up for the OBE site that I’m excited to implement. When it’s ready I’ll let you know.

It’s a shame I wasn’t betting in an Oscar pool last night – I got them all right but the winner for editing and short film:) Speaking of which – screenwriting has taken a back burner. I honestly don’t want it on the back burner – even though I guess I can’t write believable dialogue to save my life. I think I’ll take a break from rejection for a bit. I’ll keep rewriting THE BLACK TRIANGLE when I have time. This is a must-do script.

I wanted the movie AMAZING GRACE over the weekend. This is a song that I always sing and I have no clue as to the why. So I’m watching this movie and it brought up a whole range of emotions that make me think WTF? As I kept feeling these strange emotions – esp when I watched the main character William and his wife Barbara – I kept thinking that dang, William is someone who I would be attracted to – why can’t I find someone like that? Then Bill’s face popped up. I thought – yeah, he’s a lot like Bill. But Bills face wouldn’t leave. So I thought again WTF? The it was like Iris hit me on the head — you big dummy, Bill was William in a past life -and I guess that made me Barbara. Ahhhh….then it dawned on me – lol. But Iris quickly jumped in and said that the real William and Barbara were not exactly how they were portrayed in the movie (gee – hollywood taking a creative license about a true story – I’m shocked). At some point in time I have to read more about William and Barbara.

Bill has been around a lot. He never really wants anything – just to show that he’s here. He’s in my dreams too. Every night without fail.

Someone else is in my dreams every night – but I can’t make out who they are. The set up though is always the same. He’s wealthy – lives with his wealthy parents. The house is modern, well kept with modern furnishings. There is a huge wall of windows that overlooks the ocean. I’m friends with his parents but his father wouldn’t approve of our relationship (or would at least have a hard time) and he’s sick – so we can’t approach him with our situation. He has cancer. This guys bedroom has a really big bed with a red comforter. A couch is in from of the bed with a flat screen TV. Not a lot of clutter is on the dressers. The adjourning bathroom is huge and marble (plus very tidy). He likes to sleep on the same side of the bed I do (if you’re looking down at the bed from the foot – it’s the right side) but I don’t mind sleeping on the left side. They have a dog – I think it’s a yellow lab like Gimli. I have no idea why I keep showing up here and who these people are. But I’d like to find out.

I’m going to be at the Universal Light Expo again this October. The topic of my workshop will be Sexual Energy:)

My son is doing ok back in public school. He’s had some bumps – but overall he’s well.

I keep catching a spirit or maybe an astral body floating around at all hours of the day/night. I’m thinking this is either Bill or Will – maybe Vincent. All the guys are still around – I find myself being drawn into thinking about them. But I don’t allow the connection to last very long.

Because I don’t allow the connection to last – I don’t get the full benefit of being connected to them. I’m not talking about sex here – but the benefit of their energy – their love. I miss that closeness. But I also do not want to get sucked in (so to speak)- I have too much to do.

I know there’s more to talk about – there has to be. But I’m out time if I’m going to do the podcast. So I’m going to boggie out.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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