A Little Bit of This and That!

A Little Bit of This and That!

It is so frickin hot here – the humidity in NE Ohio is driving me nuts! Plus – no air conditioning 🙁 I’ve spent the last 10 days sweating my butt off – thankfully I have a large butt:) But the heat makes me stay out of my 2nd floor study and downstairs under the coolness of my supersonic living room ceiling fan!

I had high hopes of catching up on things last Saturday. My son was at my mom’s all weekend and the hubby worked. But no such luck. I had a killer of a headache mid-afternoon – laid down – and that’s all she wrote. Five hours later I woke up – ate some pizza and the hubby was home. Then I thought – okay – I still have part of Sunday! But my youngest sister, her adorable British hubby (that British accent gets me every time) and that sweet pea of a niece came over for a cook out. I expected them here maybe four hours….nine hours later they were leaving as my mother arrived with my son. So much for getting any work done. But it was nice visiting with my family and having a well deserved nap.

So, now that you know why I haven’t posted – let’s get to the good stuff! This is what has happened over the last week to send me into such an emotional upheaval.

Ready? Grab a cup of java and read on…

1) First and most important. My sister, who lives in Calif., will be attending the same function as Bill on June 24th at 7:30 pm PST. I’m not 100% sure he will be there – but this is something that is so him I don’t see how he cannot go – plus he’s back in town. She will be handing him a short – but thought-provoking – letter from me. If there was ever a time to pray and keep your fingers crossed – this is it! I’m going to put a few lines in there about things that only I would know – and then my phone number. I’m a basket case already…the anticipation is maddening!

2) I walked out of my upstairs bathroom and “Ted” was standing there. After he scared the crap out of me – he disappeared.

3) I discovered more about Bill and I and “Chances Are”:
Bill was in the Korean war – survived it with honors. I met him while he was on leave in the states immediately in love – end of 1957. “Chances Are” was our song. We never did have a chance to have a relationship – as he was married. In the start of 1958 he was sent to south Vietnam to train the south Vietnamese where he died in an ambush.

Driving far too fast, drunk and crying – I died in a car accident as my car went over a bridge and into a river below.

Only he came right back in 1958 – as he was born in the last quarter of 1958. We passed each other cause as he was born – I died. Ted was there for a bit and then came back in 1959. I was in “detox” for lack of a better phrase because of my soul’s anger of he and I missing each other and being denied a relationship AGAIN. This is why I didn’t come back until 1967.

4) More past life memories – but this time I discovered that I was Joan of Arc. I really shouldn’t say that I “discovered” this just now – as I’ve had fleeting thoughts and visions of that time since I was a child. However, I’ve always dismissed what I saw until now. This time I got that overall energy rush I get when I’m dead on about something. I was mulling over my tasks – what will be expected of me once my gifts are fully developed and I was getting overwhelmed. Then the wonderful baritone voice I hear – who I associate with the Divine – tell me that I can accomplish anything if I put my mind to it – after all, I was Joan of Arc. I then had a few flashes about being in battle and a discussion with a member of clergy – high ranking. When I meditated on this later – I discovered that the clergy is Ted and he is one of the clergy who wrongly convicted and executed Joan. To make matters worse they were friends and he was in love with her. Bill was also there as a cleric. I’m going to have to do a past life regression on this one.

5) My friend Cindy, her sister in law tried to commit suicide by taking 50 pills (which were digested and not pumped out), alcohol and cocaine. Cindy asked me if I’d send healing energy to her. So I did just that on Monday. I sent her healing light and she reacted so oddly. I wondered if she has hazel eyes. It was odd cause her eyes changed colors a couple of times while I was “there”. I tried to convince her that I was one of the good guys. She kept saying “The devil is at the door.” I tried to tell her that God is all forgiving and that her child needs her. As I was sending light into her, she kept thrashing about – reminded me of “The Exorcist” when they were trying you get the devil out. I didn’t go anywhere – but basically sat on her and poured light in. She finally calmed down and appeared to go to sleep. I emailed Cindy today to inquire how she was and this is the reply:

She does have hazel eyes! You had the right person. 🙂 Thank you so much because this morning they say she is almost stable enough to move to a psych facility. So, hopefully that will happen and she will get the help she needs. 🙂 Thanks for doing that. I know it helped. Yesterday she was doing terribly. They restrained her.

I was very pleased that I was able to help.

6) Cindy had a dream the other night where Bill gave her a blue pouch and in it are a group of very colorful stones. Since Cindy was Athena in the past life with us 3 in Atlantis – it’s no surprise that Bill is in one of her dreams. He told Cindy that he was returning them to her. He had used them as she instructed, he had kept them hidden, and now he felt that he must return them to her. He instructed her to give them to me next.

I’ve been working through what she about the stones. Each time I came to a roadblock – I’d briefly meditate and I would then move to the next source of information. What I get is that she locked inside Bill, myself and Ted’s memories of Atlantis. Our secret healing techniques and the location of where we placed our time capsule – along with how to get in. The combination of the stones triggers our past lives to the surface so that we may pass on our knowledge – and find the capsule. She is the “Record Keeper” and since Bill was in the highest level (under Cindy as a Goddess) at Atlantis – he had the stones and has had them since that time. The shift in our meeting – has triggered the sequence of events to begin and his subconscious has absorbed the information. They need to be returned to her first – before she hands them to me – to be programmed with any knowledge that she has accumulated since that time – knowledge that I need to know to evolve. When I’m done – I will pass them back to her and she will then hand them to Ted. This is a huge shift – a major surge forward for us as a threesome – for Cindy as our teacher/guide and for the world as a whole (although no one but highly intuitive people would know of and/or feel the shift).

7) Cindy and I have decided to pull our energies together and see what happens. We both know that we have been brought together for a purpose and since she was Athena and I was Joan of Arc – we have some power behind us. We meditate at a certain time on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This is what happened during my meditation:

I entered into a castle. As I passed by people, they kept bowing. I looked in a mirror and I saw Joan of Arc – me. I touched my face – looked to my right and Bill was there as a cleric. Ted was in the back ground – far off with a sadness in his eyes as a high ranking member of the clergy. I touched the mirror and it tool me to Atlantis.

This time I was an observer watching Bill, Ted and I in the midst of a very loving and gentle love making session. It was beautiful.

A light caught my eye and I walked towards it and into a wonderful meadow. I looked around – I was now in a flowing white dress – barefoot. I looked to my right and there was Archangel Gabriel. I got down on my knees and she came over and lifted my chin so
that I could look into her eyes. At that moment, Archangel Michael, Haniel and Raphael stood before me. Within a second, I was surround by more angels than the eyes could see. It was simply breathtaking.

I requested that the blockages be removed that stunt my growth and unable for me to fulfill my life’s purpose. For the uncomfortable seed I feel in my belly that power – my power – is a bad thing. I then sense a presence to my left. I look up and it is Jesus. Tears are pouring out my eyes – in the meditation and in the present. He says the most comforting words – that I am a great healer as he. That I am to continue on with his work and heal the world. That I am a prophet and that my visions will help the world. I am a great manisfestionor. What I envision will come to pass – so choose my thoughts with care and love. He places his hands on my head and this incredible white light shoots through. The energy that coursed through my veins – unreal. I then asked Jesus to help send light and love to Cindy. To help you remove the obstacles that block your growth and Divine purpose. Then to help you to realize that your power is a good gift as it will help mankind.

I can’t remember how I worded it – but I asked about our (Cindy and I) purpose. Jesus says that while our purpose as a loving force of light is that to be together to move to the next step. But very soon I will be with Bill and then Ted. As we will work for a common goal – our paths will be different as she is to educate the world about angels and the spirit realm. To have people encourage and utilize the help and love of the angels to heal mankind. While we 3 will heal the world a different way through instant healing, prophet messages and manifesting of a better world. To create balance in the world where right now (and for a long time) there hasn’t been any.

Off to my right I sense Bill. He grabs my hand and in the middle of all the angels and Jesus, we sit on the ground. Out of no here Cindy arrives as well as Clive. We all grab hands and manifest a crystal healing pyramid that hovers in the middle – above our heads. It shoots a very powerful healing ray right into your 3rd eye and through the top of your head. The light enters Cindy for many minutes and then as it continues into her – it also enters me. After a few minutes – it enters Bill and then Clive. I ask where is Ted? I hear a voice reply that he is not ready yet – but very soon will be.

I hear the same baritone voice (who I take as the Heavenly Father/Divine) say for us to go in peace and in love. Our journey has begun. Then I opened my eyes. I had such emotion and energy going through me!

Well – now you know why I’ve been on such an emotional roller coaster – and it’s not even close to ending:) That’s fine though – as I want to know more – I’m hungry for more information!

Until tomorrow…

Crystal Sunshine!

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