A Lighthouse, Dream Time And Second Life!

A Lighthouse, Dream Time And Second Life!

A lighthouse. That’s what I keep seeing everywhere I turn. A lighthouse. Last year or was it the year before I had several visions of Bill on the beach with Ted and I arriving on horseback. I can see the lighthouse as plain as day in my mind — it has a white house off to the side of it – yet it’s connected to the lighthouse. The lighthouse itself is white until you get to the top, then it has a red stripe around it and the top is black. From the beach standpoint, it looks like there is tall grass that separates the actual beach from the lighthouse property. There’s many stairs. I keep sensing it’s the East Coast – for some reason though, Oregon just popped into my head. I have no clue.

But back to the lighthouse. When I ask my guide Ethan why I am shown the lighthouse repeatedly he gives me two answers:

1) I’m the beacon of light for my soul circle (which we knew)
2) Bill and I will own the same lighthouse in this lifetime that we were light keepers of in a past life. Ethan goes on to say that the lighthouse is currently haunted pending our arrival. It appears to be haunted by “us”. Since our souls know no bounds and are timeless — our souls have reached beyond our current bodies into this lighthouse (and into the past) to keep everyone away but us. The same thing is being used by Ted and I and our Dunshire Castle. No wonder I’m tired all the time – lol!

Ethan keeps telling me to send out the light — it has to be a constant beacon. This is why Bill is so strong with me lately – he has caught the beacon – consciously – and he is holding on. Ted catches it consciously – but then his she-devil girlfriend does God knows what and he drops the connection – when she’s gone, he reconnects. Matt – no clue yet and Will is trying. Constant – constant Ethan tells me. He’s pounding it home so that I get it — and I do. I really need to set myself up on a schedule that I can live with. If everything is written down and with times next to it – I do much better.

My dream time is so busy these days. I mean stupid busy like I’m being trained for something. By the time I’m actually awake I can’t remember what I dreamed about – except in some rare instances. I need to push myself to write things down. I know I NEED to — but for some reason I can’t get myself to. I don’t get why. Ha – Ethan just said I’m being lazy. Okay — I’ll give him that, I probably am. He says — that if I am really ready for the next step in my development and with the guys – I’ll listen to him and write things down. I have to remember my dreams. It’s critical – Ethan says.

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Speaking of Second Life – I’m going to start to do readings there in my office. Stay tuned for more info!

Okay – I have a hungry kid barking at my heels — better go make supper!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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