A Knight, My Gifts and my Sis is in Town!

A Knight, My Gifts and my Sis is in Town!

My sister is in town from Calif., so I have not been able to do much of anything this week except visit:) Already she is tired of LA (moved in Sept 2004) and is ready for NYC (where she’s wanted to live since childhood). Not sure what she’s going to do or how she is going to do it as I don’t know anyone in NYC to hook her up with (like I did for LA) – at least not yet.

I haven’t been able to meditate – but I’ve had some interesting visions just the same.

I thought that the locked door from Monday’s meditation was about Bill (or should I say I hoped). But it’s not – at least not directly. While on my walk yesterday morning I could feel Archangels Michael and Gabriel at my side. I heard a voice say “she’s ready” and then I found myself at the door in the white building. I turned the handle – opened it and walked into a beautiful garden. I could hear myself think how beautiful everything was – but what does this have to do with me? I heard: “Gift”.

So then I have to ask “What does this have to do with my gifts?”

That’s when a gentle breeze pushed me out and the door closed. Then I heard the same voice say that once I figure that out – I will be allowed to enter again.

It reminded me of the Garden of Eden – a place of heavenly creation. It dawns on me that this could have to do with manifestation. The way I see it is that manifestation is the art of creating so the garden of creation has to do with my gift of manifestation. I also caught a glimpse of a massive crystal structure – my feel is that it is where the Akashic Records are stored. This could be in accordance with my gift of prophecy. If this gift is something new – it hasn’t come to the surface yet.

What else could it be? I’ve already discovered the two above plus healing. Of course, I’m far away from reaching my full potential.

During my walk this morning, I could sense that someone was following me. I kept looking around to see who it could be – but there was never anyone there. I figured since I’m on a longer walking path and it’s new – that maybe I’m just jumpy. But no – there was someone there, at least in spirit. I was watching the ground as I walked, when something shiny caught my eye. I looked up and there before me was a bloody knight – British – with a sword in him that I recognized as belonging to Joan of Arc/me. Needless to say – this sacred the crap out of me – but in a flash he was gone. As soon we he disappeared, a van passed me that said “Knight Cleaners” with a picture of a suit of armor. Coincidence? There is no such thing. But I’m still searching for what the message means.

Another oddity about seeing the knight this morning was the poem I wrote last night:

In the silence of the night
Love stays still
For he stands proud — noble
In wait for his peasant girl
To bestow upon him the one thing
That the no Queen or Princess can deliver
— A love that transcends time.

For in her eyes
She sees the humble servant
He craves to be to her
No honors
No fame
No knightly feats.

Just a man
Who wants to show her that she can become
So much more than she thought she could.

When I got home (at 6:00 am) my phone rang once at the same time my dogs started to bark at nothing and the cats took off like a bat out of hell. The I hear “Allie” and it was Bill’s voice. I never saw him – but everyone else did.

Until tomorrow…

Crystal Sunshine,

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