A Healing Session…

A Healing Session…

I was told to clean my charka’s today and place around me a white light and then a gold light – so I did both. This is probably to protect me from the immense negativity that my husband has today — well — it is a daily occurrence.


I enter into a forest. I look to my left and Bill is standing at the edge of a pond – fishing pole in water. He crouches down to pick up a cigarette. He lights up and looks behind him. His son — is back about 100 feet playing a hand held computer game and ignoring his dad. You can see the sadness in Bill’s eyes. I try to kiss him – but my lips go right through. He cocks his head as if he can feel me. I call on the Archangels Michael and Raphael to help remove any etheric cords that are draining Bill. They arrive and do just that with Raphael infusing Bill in a green healing light, I then call for Jesus – I need some more help.

Jesus arrives and I ask him to please put a white light and then the gold light around Bill. He tells me that I can do it – but I ask again cause Bill really needs the extra energy. Jesus smiles and says that my love is all the energy he needs right now. But he goes ahead and surrounds Bill with both lights. I ask him to heal Bill as Bill is in so much pain. He places his hands on top of Bill’s head and he is infused with a brilliant light. Jesus tells me not to worry – that he will be fine.

I ask Jesus about Atlantis. A portal opens up, Jesus takes my hand and we go through. I am now an observer where I left off on Monday – with all of us around the altar. I ask what else is there for me to know here? He says that from this point forward I will know more about what is to be done once we are all together in this life. He says for now I must travel backwards. I ask where is Atlantis is – I am shown a map of the world. And a location. So when I wake up – I look at a world map and it appears that it is right in between Italy and Albania (close to Greece) in the Strait of Otranto. I notice than the water has the same green/blue to it as it does in the cave. I ask Jesus how we find this location and we travel back in time and I am able to glimpse at a very old book with a light tan color. We appear to be observing Bill, Ted and I in a library – but it wasn’t originally a library, more like it was a temple or church. I ask for more clarification and he shakes his head no.

I then ask about Ted. Next thing I know we are in my meadow and Ted is right there. He smiles. I ask Jesus to send light to Ted, he replies that he doesn’t need any. Jesus disappears. Ted grabs me and is kissing me. I can feel in the present – that someone is yanking at my soul – trying to get me out of there and away from Ted. Only person I can think of that would do that is Bill.

Then I wake up.

I’ve been thinking more about what name I want to give the publishing side of my life. Then I think – why change the name? Keep it Gypsyadvice. After all – most of the items I will write are magical self-help and it all will be about gypsies. So I think I may go that route…

Off to go work on the book!

Until tomorrow…

Crystal Sunshine!

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