A Healing Session, Ted And Bill!

A Healing Session, Ted And Bill!

I had the most amazing healing session this morning. I wanted to send healing energy to my friend in NZ. I took my healing wand and settled in, opening up and activating my energy via Robert Bruce’s methods. My hands zapped, fully charged with energy. I saw my astral self moving through the astral layers to find her. As I approached, I could see that her base chakra was still clogged, so I called out to Archangels Raphael and Michael to join me. They did, ASAP. I asked Michael to help me clean the chakra. He poured the gunk cleaner (my name for it) into the chakra while I sent white and green energy into the energy portal. I could see the black gunk fly out as the chakra was healing and activating. I asked Raphael to send more light into her, while I moved to the front. I also asked Michael to remove any etheric cords that are not for her highest good.

As the two Archangels were working on their areas, I literally went into her body and straight to her bowel where I saw the cancer. It reminded me of the Blob from the old sci-fi movies. I used the energy to scrunch it up, open up the imagination/reality portal and shove it through. The cancer is still there, but I pushed it to another plane so that it does not affect her physical body. I then moved to her liver and then her lungs, doing there what I had done to the bowels. The cancer, although very strong and negatively charged, is not match for the power of the Divine when put up one on one.

I exited her body and stood in front of her. The Archangels were also finished. Starting at the base chakra from the front, I worked my way up activating each chakra as Raphael worked on the back chakra’s and Michael worked on the energy centers in her feet. Before I knew it, all chakras were clean, activated to have energy flow through her without any stoppages. She emitted a very strong white light from every pour of her body.

With that we took our leave.

I just wanted to share because it was so amazing. I don’t know if she feels any different yet, as I haven’t heard back from her.

The past couple of days I will hear family members ask me a question or comment as plain as day. When I go to answer, they are either no where to be found or they say that they didn’t say anything. To me this means that my telepathic gift is strengthening. This morning I heard Ted – clear as a bell, but it was only one word and I have no idea what that word even was — I just heard something.

I am being very cautious as to my thoughts. I am only focusing on what I want, not what I don’t want. It a difficult task to do 24/7, but as soon as a negative thought creeps in, I use my imagination and push it out with a floor broom. Works every time.

Spells are coming along. As long as I stay away from technology I can work well. As soon as a electronic device is in my path – forget it. Cell phones, computers, X-Box….all bad!

Speaking of bad – I have been working on the moles on my left leg. I had used the blue pen ink for a couple of weeks and indeed both moles shrank. Now I turned to using iodine and they are still shrinking, ever so slowly. Maybe by the time summer is over they will be gone! I must admit that as soon as I started to work on them, my outlook improved almost immediately – on everything.

Seems that Bill visited Cindy the other night and freaked the poor girl out. She heard a knock on her door – she answered, no one there. This happened several times until finally she called out to the spirit realm – who’s there? No answer. She then went into the bathroom, closed the door and there was the knock! She looked into the mirror and asked – who’s there? Bill materialized as clear as the nose on her face. She stayed calm and asked what she could help him with. He replied that he has been trying to get a hold of her and she hasn’t answered. So she asked again, what can I help you with? He didn’t say a word – just faded from view. Men! Out with your feelings I say!

I keep hearing pops – like the Rice Krispies cereal. Very odd.

Have a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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