A Guide Ambush, Energy Healing And Progress!

A Guide Ambush, Energy Healing And Progress!

Man is it cold here. Last night it was 1 with the wind chill – 22 degrees F. Granted – not as cold as Minn or maybe the Dakota – but dang it was still cold. I felt so bad for Little Black Kitty (I really should just call him Salem). He wanted to come in so bad last night – and who could blame him? But I can’t let a sick – un-neutered male – into my house. Thankfully, his eyes are starting to look better because of the garlic & vit C that I’ve been giving him.

I was certainly busy on the Winter Solstice. A lot of cooking baking, present wrapping and some more decorations up and out. By the time the day was over – I looked like a bag of powdered sugar exploded on me – lol!

When the day was over and I was looking forward to some shut eye – I was ambushed by my guides. Yep – ambushed. Before I knew it I had Andrew, Paul, Ethan. Edward, Robert, Jezell, Brigit and Iris. I’m like WTF?

I asked what’s up? Before anyone could say anything – Iris stepped up. I said – don’t get all over about the Cheryl situation. I can’t help it. She said for me not to sass her. SIGH. I said fine – but that she didn’t have to yell at me. She said she wasn’t going to. Just that she’ll be popping in and out because my life is about to do a 180. I asked if it is supposed to be a good 180? Because life isn’t a bowl of cherries right now – I’d hate to see things go south even more.

She said no – not bad. It’ll be like a dam breaks, and it’ll take all of them – including her – to keep me on the straight and narrow. Sheesh – what in the hell is supposed to happen? Iris showed me a quick glimpse of airports, meetings, workshops and hotels. She said that’s all I need to know. Iris said she’d be back and she left.

So I “looked” around to the rest of them – and Edward stepped up. He said that I need to keep sleeping now – and to work on my dreaming skills – to advance them even more. That’s when Robert stepped up and said the OBE book needs to be done – the outline. It’s overdue. That brought Jezell up to tell me to work on my manifestation skills and to be very VERY careful on where I decide to place my thoughts. Brigit was next and said that I have to start offering my healing – to which Andrew agreed. Paul told me to get ready because a new love is about to enter my life – Andrew agreed.

Andrew then said that something will happen before Jan 15th that will start the ball rolling in my direction. Ethan stepped forward and said he wanted me to write my affirmations in my journal – which I did.

All I have to say is we’ll see what happens:)

The healing part I put in today’s podcast. Healing and attunement information before I list it on the site at the start of the year.

It’s so difficult to work with an 8 year old in my ear – lol.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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