A Grid, A Dream And A Past Life!

A Grid, A Dream And A Past Life!

I’m heading off to bed, but before I do….

Remember what I told you about my 3 stone pendant last week? I had over a week where my thoughts were not centered around Bill and Ted..Today I kept hearing the urging of Robert to fix the necklace – so I did – and I wore it all day. Then I had an urging from the angels to make a grid with 3 jade stones in the center (one for each of us), two pearls, and 4 twin crystals around the perimeter – points looking in. I was then told to put a pinch of rose hips in the center and sprinkle orris root over the jade. Next came for me to place the flower essence of Reunion (made specifically for the reunion of soul mates/soul circle from the wonderful elements, angels and guides of Green Hope Farms) and place a drop on each jade with a finish of the flower essence of Shadblow (also from GHF – this is used to propel you forward towards your destiny) – a drop on each crystal. Normally I like to clean up around the office before I use a grid. But there was an urgent NOW to the whole thing. So I followed instructions. Now they won’t leave my mind – especially Ted.

Speaking of Ted – he got a new job and will be spending much more time in LA. Now both men will be in the same city.

Cindy told me about a dream she had last night:

“I dreamed that I was in England. I was going to England to meet Ted. I was on a train. The next thing I know the train is being stopped because an important person needs to board. I remember being in my own compartment. A few moments after the train began going again a knock came at my door. I answered the door and it was Bill
He was dressed in clothing from what would look like a medieval time. He seemed to be unaware that he was in another time period. He did not know his name to be Bill. He told me that I knew of his relationship to the dark haired woman. I said yes. He told me he was angered with you because you burned his letter. I asked him what letter. He said that he sent you a letter telling you about his undying love for you and you never answered it. In a vision he said he saw you burning the letter. I told him that I cannot imagine you burning his letter unless it was for a good reason. He replied, the reason is that she must hide it from her husband or he will kill us both, but why, then, has she not replied? You must ask her and meet me at me brethren’s house on the 15th.”

Now I had to smile when I saw her note about the dream. My 1st thought was a past life that I’ve mentioned in the blog before where he and I were lovers, but I got married to a wealthy man as it was an arranged marriage between families. There was a note – but never a reply from me so Bill left the town, broken hearted never to marry. This has to be what he’s talking about. I’m not positive about the brethren house unless he means a minister or pastor who favored us both and wanted us to be together. In my current life – my 1st marriage was on the 15th and the day I flipped my car in Texas – also the 15th. Hummmm?

I really wish I could remember my dreams from Friday night. Sat I remembered them and I kept telling myself to blog it and tell you about them. Sadly all I can remember is being with both men. Now last night I remember a good chunk – and it is about Ted. My 1st thought when I entered into the dream visit with him is that it was a continuation from the previous night.

Ted was sitting down – he was in a black shirt and a pair of jeans. Right above his right knee there was an ink stain – large. We commented that he has to stop getting hurt. I rubbed the spot, he placed his hand over mine. I mentioned something about a year and his new job. He said that he’s glad I have more confidence then he does – and he laughs. I can remember opening a glass door for him and he says for me to quit worrying that he’s going to hurt himself, he’s fine. I laughed and said I’m no mamby pamby and it’s called being polite. I saw him (and a couple of friends) walking towards the door and I opened it.

I asked if Bill ever told him about me – he said no. And then got pissed. He said he wanted to call me Alison – not Allie. Bill can call me Allie if he wants but he will call me Alison (I’ve had a sense of this for years – that Ted would call me Alison – which is what my family and friends from childhood call me).

We were in a large house – a party was going on and I spoke to my sister – the one that lives in LA. I then went over to Ted and told him that his assistant had broken into his email. I said – you know that email is in there (alluding that I forwarded him the letter I sent to Bill) he’s like – oh no! He’ll have to take care of that. He’s being very sweet when he says he’s going to marry me. I mention that we need to talk about me – then I told him about my husband. He looked very hurt. He was getting upset for he had to share me with Bill -he didn’t want to share with anyone else. So I asked a woman beside me who I assume I was friends with about my marriage. She replies that my marriage is very sacred and that my husband and I love each other very much. I asked her why she is lying. I told Ted that she was lying. He looked like someone just shot him. I kept yelling at the woman to take it back and tell the truth. She had a paperweight in her hands and I broke it I was so angry. I then stormed off with Ted running behind me – I was yelling I’ve had it — this isn’t worth it. And then I woke up.

Off to bed I go!

Crystal Sunshine!

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