A Good Cheeseburger, Fries and a Guinness!

A Good Cheeseburger, Fries and a Guinness!

I’m immediately taken into a garden. It’s in full bloom, with butterflies, birds, bees –the sun is shinning. The flower beds are all in a circle – in the center of the circles/garden, there is a circular water fountain with three tiers. Out of a cupid – water flows. Sitting on the base of the fountain are both Ted and Bill – playing a game of chess. Ted sees me 1st and gives me an amazing smile. Then Bill looks and – whoa – he radiates warmth – that’s the only way I can put it. I walk up to them, cross my arms and ask if they are playing nice? They laugh and assure me that they are. Bill stands, grabs my arms and uncrosses them, commenting that there is no more reason for me to be pissed.

I want to cross them again – not really believing the boys – but I don’t. Instead I sit on the ground by them – so I have to look up at the chess board. Ted makes a move and I ask why did he do that? He tells me. Then Bill moves and I ask the same question. They tell me to stand up and get off the ground. Stop asking them how they are playing as it messes with the flow and just watch them if I want.

So I get up and go into the fountain. The water is very warm, feels great. Not meaning to – or the reason I got into the water was not to break their concentration – but the way my clothes hung to my body after they were wet – did distract them to a point where they threw the chess board and both jumped in! We are splashing around, playing like we are all kids. It’s fun and a stress reliever. Bill spits some water at me and asks if I’m ready. Ready for what – I reply? Ted wraps his arms around me from behind and says – for your break. I move away from both men so that I can look at them both – and ask — what are you two talking about?

Before they can answer, Brigit arrives. She tells me to go with her. I assure her that I’m happy in the water with these two. She knows that – but I need to see something. So I get out and am – strangely enough – dry.

We are in a house now and she tells me to sit at a table. What would you like to eat she asks? I could go for a good cheeseburger, fries and a Guinness. She says – okay…get it. I go to get up and she places a hand on my shoulder. She says — no, from where you’re sitting. Confused – I ask – huh? She says — just close your eyes and think about what you want to eat. Focus. So I do. When I open my eyes – there it is. Cheeseburger, fries and my beer. I look at her and say – what kind of test is this?? It’s not a test Brigit replies, but an eye opener. You have a gift that you basically ignore because you feel that you are not worthy of what you want. I don’t think that – I add. She says – yes you do…deep down…that is what you think and why things allude you when they should not.

Merlin steps from the wall. He asks me if I have been keeping my manifestation journal like he requested. I say — no. With all I’m doing, it just slipped from the “to-do” list. The two share a knowing glance. Merlin says – I would advise you to start this habit today — right now. He waves his hand and on my lap sits a journal and a pen. I remind him that I cannot write things down on paper – in a journal because of prying eyes. He tells me to do it anyways — linger over your words. I have to stop making excuses. linger and learn.

With that they both leave and I’m done!

Back to work I go…..

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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