A Glacier and the Blossoming of Hope!

A Glacier and the Blossoming of Hope!

I’m going to do a session in a few hours with Cindy – but in the mean time, I keep getting called in. I can see a glacier, reminds me of being or seeing really – pictures of Alaska. It’s quite beautiful. I can see my breath but I’m not cold. Inside the glacier I can detect movement. I go to the glacier and try to peer through the ice. I can make out the shape of a person. To my right, Ted arrives with a sledgehammer and says – you’ll need this. I ask him – is Bill in there? He says yes – your news unnerved him to such a state that the has sealed everyone off. Should we break through? You’re the only one who can – he tells me.

But why did my letter drive him to this? Ted shrugs. I don’t know – unless your news is forcing him to change and he doesn’t want to. I hate to say it…. Then don’t I say.

I slam the sledgehammer into the glacier – over and over and over again – nothing. Archangels Michael and Raphael arrive. Michael takes the sledgehammer while Raphael tells me that I am doing this the wrong way. I’ll never get through with force. Then how I ask? No answer. I know I say. I place my hands on the smooth glacier and pour my energy and the energy of the Divine into. Red and white pour from me and slowly dissolves the ice. Bill looks out and see that his wall is gone. His face turn red – not in embarrassment, but in anger. He screams – go away! With that he waves his hand and the glacier reforms.

I look at the Archangels – I’m at a lose for words. They tell me not to give up. With that they leave and it’s just Ted and I. Ted looks at me and says – he’s not the right one for you. I turn to him – I never said that I wanted a relationship with him – I never said that we were to have a romantic relationship. You didn’t – Ted asks? No. But with our long history, I find it hard to believe that we do not have one. Or that we could have one. With all of the visions I’ve had – how am I supposed to think differently? Ted puts his arms around my waist and draws me close – what about our history? What about your visions of us? Don’t I have the same chance? I stood there and stared into his beautiful green eyes – how can I argue with that? You do have the same chance – I say. He smiles and says – hope — that’s all I need to push forward. Thank you.

With that he disappears and I’m back.

All I have to say is Christ almighty! (SIGH)

I don’t know….I just don’t know……

Back to writing my personality tests….

Crystal Sunshine!

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