A Future Phone Call, A Trip and a Press Release!

A Future Phone Call, A Trip and a Press Release!

I took my flowers essence right before I began the session – instead of either afterwards or just the once in the morning. I sat with my healing wand and my astrophyllite sphere with garnet. The vibrations that traveled through my left hand was awesome! made my hand very tingly!

I entered as an observer to Bill and his son fishing on a lake. They are having a good time. Joking around and very much at ease. I can sense Bill’s relief with this. Then hsi son turns a bit somber and says “I think you should contact her dad.” Bill takes a drag off his cigarette, flicks it out, exhales and then turns to look at his son. Bill asks, “are you sure?” He says “Yes. You deserve to be happy.” Bill grasps his son’s face and replies, “you know that nothing will be the same again after I make that call – nothing.” He nods, some tears trickle from his eyes “I love you” he says. Bill hugs him tight.

Still in observer mode – I see me sitting at the computer. I try to see what I’m wearing – it looks to be sweat pants and a sweat shirt, my hair is down and it’s dark outside, the windows are open. This tells me that it must be fall, it’s at night before I get my shower. The phone rings – I look at my caller id and the look on my face is one of puzzlement. I watch myself pick up the phone and push a button (which tells me that the call must of come through the privacy manager) and I say softly “holey shit”. I try to remain calm and I say “good evening, this is Allie.” Then I watch myself sit there and all of a sudden tears are streaming down my face. I already know what is happening before “I” can say anything. But me on the phone comments “I’m not dreaming? -pause- No one’s astral projecting?” Then I laugh.

Brigit arrives to my right and I look at her. She nods. I smile. There is a light behind her and she takes my hand.

I am now still an observer but I’m watching me on a plane. I have my headphones on, listening to my iPod and staring out the window. So I tell me – to grab my journal and write this down. I have to repeat several times – but me finally listens to “me”:)

Now I’m in an airport bathroom, changing into a new sweatshirt. I’m on my cell phone – talking to Nicole I think – and I’m going down the escalator – I can tell I’m in LAX. The observer “me” can see Bill standing off in the distance. So I’m yelling at me to put the phone down and look! I glance over and watch “me” see him. I can hear me say – “I’ll call you back” into the phone and I close it. Then I double time it down the escalator and over to him. He is wearing an Underdog sweat shirt and from behind his back he shows me a Polly sweat shirt – he flashes me a heart stopping smile. I stop short of reaching him. So observer me is telling me to get my butt in gear – what am I waiting for? Him and I then hug tight and I’m feeling his face like I cannot believe I’m there.

There’s movement by me (the observer) and I see Ted. He is looking fine with tousled hair, his fab-o green eyes. Then he gives me that kick @ss smile:) I ask him what’s he doing here? He replies that he could sense that I was hear – so he came to see me. He gives me a kiss and comments that I should be in his arms, not Bill’s. I roll my eyes and tell him that he is going to have to get over it.

We chat some and I ask him if he and Bill talked about me yet. He says briefly. I tell him to get on a plane and go to LA. He’s like what? I say to get his tush in gear and go see him. He comments – maybe. I tell him that I just released a book on love spells an that he should buy it for his oldest daughter. He smiles and says that her love life is exactly where he likes it – low key. But – I say – that by buying it you may trigger a memory about our chat now into your consciousness.

I tell him to shoo and to get busy! He laughs, gives me a kiss and tells me that he’ll see me later.

I turn to Brigit and say that I should be going when I see another light and out steps Jesus. He embraces me and tells me that I’m not using my healing gift like I should and that I need not ignore it, but use it to strengthen it. He wants me to send healing light daily to someone. I agree. He tells me that he is proud of me for working on my books. That the books are a needed step. He then kisses the top of my head and tells me to go home to start my work.

With that – I wake up.

I sold a few “Gypsy Magic for the Lover’s Soul” books over the weekend – it was nice:) I have a press release about the book that seems to be doing well. As of right now it has had 31,714 reads with an estimated pickup of 237 (by media outlets). So we’ll see if this helps at all:)

Took super snoop to the vet today. His mouth is healing fine – but now there is a chance he could have Cushing’s disease. So I have to drop him off on Thursday for some tests. Poor little guy:(

I revamp “The Black Triangle” for I hope the last time and sent it off to the IFP/LA Producer’s Lab for hopeful inclusion into the workshop. Fingers crossed! I’m also resubmitting to the Roy W. Dean writing grant that would take me to NZ for a month if I won. Fingers and toes crossed on this one:)

I have that feeling that something is going to happen today. What? Not sure.

Best get back to work! Much to do.

Until tomorrow…

Crystal Sunshine!

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