A Funeral, A Scam Artist And Now What?

A Funeral, A Scam Artist And Now What?

Did you know that I’m a scam artist? Apparently I am since someone listed me as one on my own board: http://www.gypsyadvice.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=8 SIGH some people have nothing else better to do.

Just when I thought that this session would turn out good – it took a detour and now I’m worried. I sat with my Diaspore and Moldavite today, both grew very hot in my left hand almost immediately after I picked them up.

I was taken as an observer to see Bill. He was sitting Indian style on floor cushion. He had on his beige/brown plaid shirt, tan pants, bare feet. His hands, palms up, with his thumb and middle finger touching on both hands – eyes closed. I can smell some sort of incense – but I’m not sure what it is. All of a sudden I watch his astral self pull away from his body and he is standing next to me – morphing like. Not really there, but not really not there. He’s shocked to see me. He looks down at his hands and they are fluid and changing shape. This freaks him somewhat. His face now reminds me of a school boy who just learned to do something really cool. He turns to look back at himself when I tell him not to look back and don’t think about him. He’s like why can’t I —- and he’s gone. I see his body shake and he opens his eyes and looks around. I think to myself — because you go back to your body, that’s why.

I see Jezel off to my right, she takes my hand and we go through a door and into a bright sunny landscape. In the blink of an eye the sky is black, a thunderstorm rages and fierce winds whip through. I look at her and comment – this doesn’t look so good. With that, a wind picks us up and drops us off at a funeral home. I’m dressed in black. I have a real sinking feeling. I ask her whose funeral are we at. She just looks at me. So I say – mine? She smiles – slightly – and says no. Then who? I turn to walk in and she grabs my arm telling me that I am not to go in there. That it could be too traumatic right now and cause me sleepless nights over something in which I have no control. I grab her arms and ask – don’t tell me its my son. Don’t even go there. We’re a team him and I and I know he’s well protected. She says yes, he is very well protected. The reason I sense him so much is because he is hurting profusely right now. I need to get in there – I add. She says – you ARE already in there. From here there’s nothing you can do. Just remember to keep the faith – all will be right.

She whisks me off to the crystal cave – my part, our part- with the lake. She says that I have to come here when I need my batteries recharged. Here I will find comfort and solace. I ask why haven’t they found this part yet? She replies because it is very well guarded and will be known when the time is right. I see Ted approach me with really short hair, a mustache and a goatee – he’s in a long sleeve blue shirt and jeans, tennis shoes. He wraps his arms around me and says that he will always be here for me. I’m looking at him and ask – what do you know that I do not? He says nothing. Him and Jezel share a knowing glance about something. Ted hugs me so tight and I feel safe and secure like a caterpillar in its cocoon. Jezel says – remember, Ted will always be there for you, all you have to do is call.

With that everything is gone and I’m done.

All I can do is think to myself — not something else bad. I’m tired of bad. How about something nice and positive? That would be such a welcomed change!

I’m still WAY behind in email and with comments on various blogs, pages, items — I’ll catch up, I pray, by the end of the week. I’m on a deadline right now and I’m working my butt off to make it. Oh – still sick and now my voice is disappearing. Great for the kid – bad for me:) Good thing I did the podcast yesterday and not today!

Have a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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