A FREE Book, the Teepee and a Fight with Bill!

A FREE Book, the Teepee and a Fight with Bill!

Today I sat with my healing wand and a wonderful piece of raw Alexandrite. I actually expected to head to Atlantis today – but that wasn’t the case.

I entered into a void – a big open space of nothing but white. In it, Bill is pacing back and forth. I touch his shoulder and say Hi. He turns to me – his face is red and he has a vein popping out on his neck – all from anger. I asked him what was wrong. He explodes and says I’m what’s wrong.

Confused..I ask what did I do? He screams at me, “Nothing. That’s the whole point!”

I stand there with my mouth open (very uncharacteristic of me) and he paces again – using his hands to accent points.

“You know where to find me. You have my phone number. You know where I work. But are you here? NO! This is bull shit – BULL SHIT!”

As calm as I can me – I concentrate on keeping my voice steady as I reply, “You’re Bill. One doesn’t simply pick up the phone, place a call and get you.”

“Why not?” He yells back.

“You have people. People in place so that you are not bothered. I can’t get through!”

He takes a deep breath. “Have you tried?”

I shake my head – “No”.

“Then how do you know?” He asks.

I sigh. “I don’t. But you know where to find me – you have my phone number and I answer my own phone. I have no “people” it’s just me. How do you think it makes me feel that you’ve done nothing? Do you think that I feel rejected? You betcha. Do you think I’m hurt — angry? You bet your sweet ass I am.”

From the right – here walks Ted. All smiles. He chimes in “One simple way to avoid this is to come to me.”

Both Bill and I turn to Ted and yell “No!”

Ted shrugs and takes a step back.

I turn back to Bill “Look – I don’t like this any more than you do. So pick up the damn phone – ok?”

He manages a weak smile and pulls me into his arms – almost cutting off my air supply with the tightness of his embrace.

Off behind Bill I can see a white light. We all turn to look at it – all comment what is it? When it completely surrounds us and sucks us in. Next thing I know we are in my meadow. Off to the right I can see the lake/river we were in before. We walk over to it and in the distance I see that teepee and the woman is standing in front – waving us over. I’m not in the mood to go. Bill starts to take off his clothes to jump in and so does Ted. I ask them both that we’re in a meditation – why do we have to take our clothes off to get in?

Bill tells Ted “She’s tired of seeing us naked already.” I chime in “Hardly”. So I follow suit and jump in naked into the water. The water feels really cool and refreshing against my skin.

The next thing I remember is that we three are getting white and red lines and pictures painted on us. I really don’t remember what – except of two white arrow points – each pointing in opposite directions with the bottom end of one touching the top end of the other. I can see some wavy lines and streaks of red coming from the corners of our eyes.

Someone is smudging us with sage. We are being told that we have too much negativity in our environments and this is what is keeping us separate. The Shaman (or Medicine Man – depending on what you want to call him) begins a chant. I can feel (and see) all three of us levitate, merge into one person and then separate and return to the ground.

We were then told to go back and resume our mission.

Then I woke up – with bolts of energy running through my body. Too cool!

I think that it is so interesting that Native Americans are entering into the meditations. I know that Bill has a huge interest in Native American culture and its people. Not too sure about Ted.

I had something really interesting happen to me yesterday:

Yesterday morning as I was going through one of my mental – I can’t stand being away from Bill any longer – cries…I asked my angels for a sign. Any sign to show me that I’m on the right path and that he and I will meet soon. I’m asked what do I want for sign? I joked and said “well him”.

A few hours pass and I get an envelope in the mail from my sister. I open it up – and it’s an article about Bill.

I got my sign 🙂

I decided to offer a free book along with my “Gypsy Magic for the Lover’s Soul” book. It’s a 3400+ pg Book of Shadows. This thing is huge and covers a lot of magic material. I know that gas prices are high and that causes everything else to go high – so I thought I’d offer people something more for their money. Thus far it’s been well- received.

What hasn’t been well- received is the mailing list that I use for GGP updates. It’s amazing – you tell people NOT to hit the reply button if they have a problem (instead giving another email address to use) and what do people do? Hit reply. So I’ve got people who want to unsub hitting reply and then people hitting reply wondering why they are getting the unsuib messages? So you tell everyone not to do it AGAIN and what happens? Yep – again they hit the reply button. I’ve got the setting on the mailing list correct – but it takes a bit for an update.

Back to work I go! It’s such a nice day out that I’d love to go play hooky! I just may later:)

Until tomorrow…

Crystal Sunshine!

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