A Fishbowl, Changes and A Bright Future!

A Fishbowl, Changes and A Bright Future!

It’s strange today – I have this all over chill. Just like there is a spirit right next to me – although I cannot sense anyone being there. Maybe someone walked over one of my graves? Inquiring minds want to know!

Now this is odd – I’m immediately taken into a fishbowl. It’s empty – except for me standing in it. If I look outside of it, I can see many faceless eyes staring at me. It’s strange and unnerving – but not unbearable. I stare at them all and comment – seen enough yet? I can hear whispers, but I don’t have a clue to what they are saying. I turn and Archangel Michael is right there. I ask – what is he doing? Checking on you he says. Can you handle it – he goes on. What this – people watching me, being in a fishbowl? I shrug my shoulders. I’ve never been one to really give a rats ass what people think of me. He chuckles and says – that’s the correct attitude to have. I ask – why? He replies that I’m about to be tossed into a world where I’ve never been. That I will be far outside my comfort zone.

This creates a pit in my stomach. But it soon passes. I rather like my comfort zone – I tell him. You’ve had many comfort zones in this life. True I say – thankfully I can adjust when I have to. He smiles and says – you’ll have to. With that the fishbowl, eyes, voices and even Michael – disappear.

Now I’m left in my meadow. Right in front of me, the flowers, trees, plants and animals changes seasons – fall, winter, and now I’m into spring. This is where it stops – the meadow now shows signs of spring – and not summer as before. It appears to me that I am starting a brand new cycle. I look over to my right and before me, a rose emerges – it is orange with it’s top a burnt red. Very lovely. Brigit comes up to me – don’t get comfortable she says. I smile – why not? She grabs my hand and says – come on!

She takes me onto an airplane. I’m sitting – in first class (never been there before in reality- so this is cool) – typing away on my lap top..the lap top I currently own. I lean in to look and I’m writing something really quite erotic. I look at Brigit and then look again at the story. It’s pretty good – causes me to clear my throat. I notice to, that I’m dressed pretty nice. Not dressed up (cause that is so not me) but dressed in nice casual wear. Since I hate to shop and buy myself clothes every few years (I still wear stuff from 1989) the mere fact that I have something new on is amazing. It’s a Pittsburgh Steelers top and tan cotton pants, tennis shoes. I glance at Brigit and ask – when does this happen? She grins and says – very, very soon. She grabs my hand again and off we go….

Now we are in a hotel – but it reminds me of a retreat center. It’s all very calm – very Zen like. It’s a spa/retreat – but there’s more. Now I see why she brings me – I am giving a workshop here and the place is packed. I am in a meeting right now with the owners and they are asking me if I would like to buy this place.

Brigit grabs my hand again and says – come on! We move to a door – I can see a ruby sphere. She tells me to touch it – I do and a portal opens up. She says – now get busy and gives me a push through the door.

Then I’m done:)

Can I just say – GO STEELERS! I’ve been a black and gold chick since I popped out of the oven. I’m a PA girl originally and love to spar with the Cleveland Brown fans.

The latest podcast is up and ready for your listening pleasure. I’m getting much better at it and don’t sound like such a dork anymore:) http://www.gypsyadvice.com/askalliepodcast/index.html

Hope ya’ll are having a great day! I know I am – busy and all!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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