A Farmhouse, The Future and Healing!

A Farmhouse, The Future and Healing!

I sat with my healing wand, moldvite (a powerful catalysts to awakening what’s available to us in these days) and a piece of blue brucite (evokes greater peace within us, drawing us deeply into tranquility and serenity).

The deeper I got into this meditation – the more light and airy my soul felt. There was a gentle, but persistent pull, as if someone wanted me to go to them..

I asked the Divine to take me where I was needed – but that I also needed to speak with Bill and Ted.

The first place I visit appears to be in the future. I am with Ted and am giving him a present. He is very surprised and I’m excited to watch him open it. Feels like an anniversary present of sorts. He opens it and inside is a gold book stand and with it – a rare book of poetry. I’m not positive who the poet is, but my gut tells me Yeats. The book looks to be 5×7 with a grainy or fabric dark green cover.

I exit there and enter into an airplane. Bill is there looking at papers on the pull down tray. I move in front of him – in between his knees and the back of the next seat (how I do this I don’t know). I stare at him and he looks right at me. So I ask “can you see me”. He scrunches up his face and through telepathy says “of course I know you are there” I smile. With a wave of my hand I knock the top piece of paper into the aisle. He reaches to get it, but a flight attendant beats him to it and hands it to him. This time he mumbles under his breath “will you stop that”.

He lies his head back on the head rest and closes his eyes. Next thing I know he is standing right beside me. I look at him and then down to his physical body. He smiles and comments that he loves doing that.

Ted shows up and says “what about me?” Those two tease each other for a bit. I comment to Ted that he needs to get on the ball and call Bill. I nudge Bill that he has to call Ted – today. That they need to start their dialogue about me – and today. They both agree. At the end of the plane I see the Angel Brigit waiting for us. Bill grabs my hand and leads, I grab Ted’s and we go single file down the aisle and into a…

…Front yard. In front of me is a large blue farmhouse with a wrap around porch – there is a large barn to the right of the house. We walk about back and there is a nice in-ground pool – nice patio. A four car garage.

I enter the house from the front door and there is a nice vestibule with a coat rack and bench. In the large front hallway – there is a large staircase that goes up to the 2nd floor. If I look up – I can see that the staircase goes up to a third floor and then the attic.

Somehow I end up on this large 4 poster bed. It has a nice homemade quilt on it. I bounce a little and the bed squeaks. There is a nice fireplace and a 1/2 circle of windows w/ a window seat. Bill shows up and plops down on the bed. He tickles me and we wrestle around. Next thing I know Ted is in on it and we are all on this poor bed rolling around and tickling each other.

Brigit shows up and I ask her whose house is this. All she does is smile. Us three make a smart comment about her smiling and not answering. Brigit tells Bill and Ted to call one another and discuss me. It’s time to do this. They agree. She tells them to do it today. They agree. Then she looks at me and says that I must get my work done. I tell her I’m working on it. She shakes her head and says that I must go faster – I have less time than I thought I did. I ask for what? She says she cannot tell.

With that I wake up.

On a separate note. My 42 year old cousin and his cancer. 1st they found it in his throat, now they found a tumor in each lung and one in his chest (that they cannot remove due to it being connected to a blood vessel). My mom send us 3 girls an email about him. Now I’ve been thinking for weeks that I should go and see if I can heal him. But I’m really scared to try. Then I got mom’s email and I emailed her back telling her about my healing gift and would mom mind if I lay my hands on him? So far I haven’t heard back.

I’m scared if I go and I’m scared if I don’t. A voice inside of me is telling me just to go – be who I am supposed to be – the voice says. But what if I suck at it? Then again – what if I don’t?

One week until I launch my book. It’s coming together all so well! If you’d like to take a look at the cover my sister designed – you can go here:


click on the book title and it’ll take you to its page:)

Well – back to work I go! I guess it’s imperative that I bust a move!

Until tomorrow…

Crystal Sunshine!

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