A Dream Visit With Bill!

A Dream Visit With Bill!

Dang it. Dang it. Double dang it! I KNEW I should of gotten my butt out of bed and to this computer in the middle of the night when I woke from my dream visit with Bill. But nooooooo — I told myself — the visit is so vivid that there is no way I’d forget anything. HA! Yep, forgot most of it.

This is what I do remember:

I am at my mom’s house with her and my sister. Not sure what they are doing, but I turn around and there is Bill in the living room (I think) looking at me. He gives me a sheepish grin, and grabs my hands. I ask him – why haven’t you called? He lets go of my hands and falls back on the couch. Running his fingers through his hair he replies – I can’t remember. I try and I try, but I can’t remember like you can. I sit beside him, grab his hands and respond – then we’ll work on it.

I remember the frustration in his voice and on his face. He mentions that he has seen the similarities and visions, dreams that appear to match up. Things that I’ve sensed or seen that did happen. But he cannot remember any of our past lives — it’s there on his tongue — but he can’t grasp it. And he doesn’t want to contact me until he is at the same level of knowledge I am and that he understands like I do.

I told him — then talk to me. I can help you unlock the doors, but you have to talk to me. I push a cell phone towards him.

I left the room and went somewhere – I don’t know where. I came back in the room and he was gone. I looked at my sister and asked where did he go? She just says he got up and left. I got pissed at her because she didn’t come and get me. She was like — well, I thought you were busy.

Two things need to happen in order for Bill to connect to the past life memories: 1) a willingness that it is possible 2) a trigger

I think that he already has #1 down – if he didn’t then he wouldn’t be frustrated that he cannot remember. It’s #2 he needs to work on. Now for me – I did not remember one past life we had UNTIL I had that past life regression back in March 2005 in CA. That was the trigger – when I saw him and I being married as young adults and his name was Phillip. Once I had that trigger, then other past lives have stepped forward. He needs to have a PLR to take him back to any past life that will be the trigger to opening up the flood gates. A self-guided CD is possible to use – but a regression by a PL therapist is recommended for the 1st time. This way the session is taped so that you can listen to what happened after the session — that and you won’t fall asleep! When I do a regression on my own, I always seen to fall asleep. Doesn’t matter what time of the day — I snooze.

Of course, readings some books prior to getting a PLR done is helpful – as long as one remembers that everyone’s experiences are different. Books by Brian Weiss, Michael Newton or Shirley Maclaine are good.

I hope he can remember parts of the dream visit last night life I can. Before I went to sleep, I asked Brigit to please take me to him or him to me and have us remember our visit. I really needed that connection.

Now this morning I did fall back to sleep and have another – very brief visit with Bill. Here I can remember saying – you have to kiss me. That’s it — that’s all I remember. But for both Bill and Ted – I appear to say that a lot — just kiss me. I don’t think it is said to get the kiss for the kiss — but to get the kiss as it is some sort of soul trigger to knowing more. I can’t explain why the kiss would do it except that the soul’s remember and the kiss is for the physical bodies to attain that vital part that we cannot access right now – that last little link I guess. But this is something that I’ve felt for my whole life – before I knew who Bill and Ted were to me. I can always remember a man (and now I know it’s Bill) telling me that a kiss will bring back everything. Time will tell on this, just like all else.

I need a book publicist/PR person. Any one know one that is reasonably priced? If you know of someone – send them my way! I’m need to get my name out there for writing (my books) and my advice (advice column, podcast) and to let people know about my workshops, classes – and that I’m available to speak on a variety of topics. Writing and sending press releases out and organizing a virtual book tour (via blogs).

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Publicly photos to be taken today for the audio company. Must remember to smile:)

I’ve got another busy day ahead of me!

Have a great weekend!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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