A Dream Visit With Bill, Astral Sex And A New Screenplay!

A Dream Visit With Bill, Astral Sex And A New Screenplay!

I don’t recall ever being this tired since I had my son. No matter what I do today, I cannot shake the cobwebs out of my head. It could be that my neck is aching again (remember – the stupid chair whiplash) giving me an unholy headache. Nothing really is kicking that either. Herbs, oils, crystals/stones, warm items on my neck – I’ve tried such a variety over the last couple of days. At least though, it hasn’t gotten worse!

I had another nice dream visit with Bill last night. We were in a large room full of people, there were rows of long tables with chairs and plastic tablecloths. Reminded me of a wedding reception, but it wasn’t. Bill sat at one table and I sat down across from him. We discussed a stack of books he had in front of him, he had been reading all of them during his down time. I noticed one of my books (don’t know which one or if I even wrote it yet in my waking life) and he asked me to sign it. I told him I felt funny doing it and he gave me one of those faces…so I agreed to and did. A TV was behind him and a commercial came on about a set of movies – I comment that no matter how many times I watch them I still love them all. He frowns at me and I shrug back at him.

Someone came up and asked if he was hungry. He said that he hadn’t eaten because it is not easy for him to do so. He’ll grab something at a drive-thru later. I told him BS, you need food now. So out we went to my Mini Cooper. He went to his car and pulled out a dark blue plastic bag full of stuff. I drove over to him as I was thinking — why is my son’s booster seat still in the back of the Cooper? He went to get in and I woke up:)

The whole visit was very calm as we bantered back and forth like we’ve been together forever.

A comment about my radio show with Gabreael, we’re going to have a re-do. This one will air on Jan 10th from 8 – 9 pm EST, right before my Soul Mate phone workshop begins!

In the process of finishing the dream book and rewriting the Easter book, I am also writing another screenplay. I know – with what time available? Right now it is in the outlining stages, and the I’m thinking a lot about it stage — and that is as far as I’ve gotten. I’m taking a screenwriting class so that it forces me to work on it. I am proud of myself thus far though, as it is a thought-provoking story that has a gypsy woman as the lead character. I can’t tell you much more about it yet as it isn’t written and it’s what is considered a high concept story in Holly-Weird. So as soon as I get further along with it, I’ll fill you in more. What I do feel about it is that this is the script that will get “The Black Triangle” looked at by a studio. So fingers crossed all the way around with this one!

There’s a part about astral sex that my over-thinking mind still cannot get around — I know that it is the energies that have sex – there are no body parts involved. But why does it seem more time than not that there are body parts? If the energy from the throat chakra is what intersects and surrounds one another – then why can I feel hands on my body, lips touching mine – etc…? Could it be that since on the astral plane you can create just about anything, that we create the sensation of physical sex in order to enjoy or feel comfortable with the sex act more? Has anyone else who has experienced astral sex know what I’m talking about?

As this continues to tumble about in my mind — if we astral travel when we dream, and we’ve all had dreams where we’ve had sex with another person, then at one time or another we’ve all had astral sex — right? And energy can be formed into anything as everything is composed of energy.

Food for thought.

Have a great evening!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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