A Distrubing Nightmare, A Farmhouse And Ted

A Distrubing Nightmare, A Farmhouse And Ted

As I was going to sleep last night my thoughts were of Bill – I could hear him wanting me to visit. But then my guide Edward jumped in and said no – go to Ted. I’m — are you sure? He said positive. Okay then…..I walked down my forest path full of pine needles towards my dream portal – Edward walked along with me. I asked him, why Ted? Edward replied – there are many things that do not require extra knowledge – this is one of them.

Edward went away and I stepped through my dream portal. I saw Ted as soon as I entered.

Ted, Bill and I were in a farmhouse with my son. Outside the farmhouse, was a barn — and I think a UFO – although I am not positive. We were grouped in the kitchen – Bill wasn’t speaking to me and Ted was being an ass. He was acting like one would if someone just broke up with them unexpectedly. He was snide and rude. I asked why was he doing this — he replied that I left him and he’s pissed. I told him no — and he interrupted saying he didn’t want to hear any more. There was a woman sitting next to me who kept blowing through something (I think it was hooch) and her breath kept hitting my face. I asked her repeatedly to stop it and she wouldn’t. I got mad and decked her. The room went silent like I just punched a high-ranking official or something.

My son and I looked around for a bit — still Bill not talking (to anyone) and Ted was still being very snide. Somehow my son and I got split up and I was walking down a road from my old neighborhood – I think it was Schlabach down to N. Church. It was raining out – but I wasn’t getting wet. A car tried to make a left hand turn from N. onto Schlabach and missed – ending up in the corner house’s lawn – I saw another very large car – a rust color- from the 1970’s hydroplane over the center and keep moving. The car in the lawn continued on. I crossed the street – I think I was going to my car (?? these roads are in the middle of nowhere in Hartville) when I sensed something and turned around. Standing, facing me — but I couldn’t see his face was a man – he rushed me and before I could do anything he threw me down to the ground. My 1st through was all that karate I took was useless, my 2nd was this guy was going to kill me, 3rd – I knew who he was but I couldn’t tell who he was. Then I felt this tingling all over – especially in my head and I woke up. I looked at the clock – it was 2:01 am EST. I was asleep for maybe an 1 15 min.

I laid there trying to figure out who that was — I know that I know him, but I don’t have a clue who it was or why he wanted to hurt me. The sense I got was that it was someone I ignored or pushed to the side – but not on purpose. It wasn’t Ted — but someone else that was in that farmhouse. I just don’t know who. I rarely have any bad dreams – especially since the ex and I split. So this one is really bugging me.

I tossed and turned for the rest of the night and got up about 5:30 — said screw it – I can’t sleep anyways.

No clue on this one…..

Crystal Sunshine,
Allie 😉

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