A Dark Dream, Will And Making Choices!

A Dark Dream, Will And Making Choices!

I really need to hire someone to come into my office and reorganize me. It’s really very shameful. How can I Feng Shui my office if I have clutter? You can’t have clutter with Feng Shui – the energy gets stuck. So somehow I have to put some time aside just to put things away. Yes, I realize that if I would just put things away after I use it (after all, that’s what I tell the kid) then there wouldn’t be a problem. SIGH. At least my super powered Feng Shui fountain is pumping and doing its job!

Of course the sex books that just arrived for my sex talk radio show (which I’m calling Sex With Allie) – needs to be put away. My son’s birds and the bees talk will have to wait until anther day – preferably another year or two, three, five:) I think that I’ve fund a place to produce the live call in show – and of course I’ll release it as a podcast too. I need to have a 1st guest for the show. Any suggestions? I’m also going to have a give a way each show – maybe a sex toy, or some erotic audio, a novelty. I’ll have a fantasy contest where people send me their fantasy, and which ever one is the best — will win the prize:) What else am I going to have? Sex toy reviews and either a sex position of the week – or maybe a sex game of the week. Maybe I’ll alternate them? Plus sex in the news: sex health, sex topics — etc… It’s be a good hour show.

As I was taking my son to school this morning, we were discussing his behavior and how he is always on “blue” (behavior is color coded: green = good, yellow = warning, blue = big trouble, red = kiss your butt goodbye, you’re going to the Principals office). He tells me that it’s the other kids fault that he gets in trouble. I reply with that’s not true – you and only you are in charge of your choices. Every minute of every day you are able to make a good choice or a bad choice — but either way the choice is up to you. He really didn’t have much to say about that. But as I was walking back home – I told myself – Allie, why not listen to your own good sense? You bitch every day because you don’t have time to fit it all in — and we’ve been down this road before. When all you have to do is make good choices. Thus far on any given day – your choices lean more towards the good choice – but the bad choices eat up for too much of your time. So what are you going to do – good choices or bad choices? I’m all for the good choices and that’s where I’m concentrating now.

After all, I do believe I have finally conquered the thought process. When something bad comes into my line of though – I quickly scoot it away and bring in something else. I’ve gotten so good at it that I don’t have to think about doing it – it just happens. So now I have to do the good choice, bad choice thing. Wow – shaping your life to live it in a positive manner sure is difficult. What made it this difficult? The media? Family? Society? or maybe a combination? But no matter what shifted us to that point of living more in the greed of darkness instead of the happiness of light – it’s up to each of us to change our lives around.

I noticed that yesterday I kept seeing the number 99. So I decided to look it up in Angel Numbers: Get to work Lightworker! Your Divine life mission is needed now more than ever, and any contribution you can make toward bringing more light and love into your world is imperative. The preparation for your life’s work is complete now. I found that to be very interesting as I had felt the same over the last several days. I felt a shift – a good shift.

Will has written one book. Well that book arrived yesterday – it’s musing from his notebook over the years. It’s a light read, but gave me a much stronger prospective of his conscious side as well as his ego. I like getting to know the whole person, not just the spiritual side and/or his soul, which I already know. Even in this books – he writes short blurbs about seeing spirits and about knowing that there is someone out there for him. Tired of a meaningless life – success hasn’t brought him happiness. Tired of being alone and feeling old. His notes were from 76 – until 98, this being published in 99. I wonder if he published again – if his notebook musing would have taken on a different tone? Oh — and he did mention that he wants sex — lots and lots of sex. I had to smile at that one.

Speaking of Will, he and I had one wild dream visit last night. It was very dark. Not only in the tone, but it was dark in the dream. He and I are using magic to battle these odd looking creatures that appear to be half lizard and half cat.

It’s wearing us out. No matter how many we take out, they seem to multiply. This feels like the continuation of a dream I had many months ago about he and I going off to battle (date: Nov 20th 2007). Our energy is low, the sky is dark, the air is dense and the earth is stained red. There’s a part of each of us that just wishes to let them kill us so that we can just rest. All of a sudden, we hear a swishing sound behind us. The creatures scatter. What is coming towards us is the largest snake I have ever seen. It can take out buildings. In fact, it takes out a grocery store with people in it. We can hear the panic cries of them being devoured. Will and I both know that our energy is depleted – how can we take this thing on?

Will grabs my hand and we run into a near by cave. Sex he says – sex will bring our energy up to the highest level and reconnect us to the source. I assure him that I’m in no mood for sex and well – he assured me neither is he. You can go to the OBE sex blog to read what happened – and then come back here to read the rest.

We exit the cave and head towards the snake – which by now has gobbled up half of the town. People are running around in complete panic. I stand on one side of the snake – Will on the other. We utter words in a tongue I do not consciously recognize. Fire, water, strong winds, swords, bugs, — we try everything we can on this snake and it only stuns him – doesn’t kill it. Then I read Will’s mind, we have to be inside of it. Not that I want to – but I know we have to. So we run into a house that is in his path of destruction and sure enough – up goes the house.

All around us the house breaks into toothpicks – as the pieces go down into the snake- so do we. The smell in the stomach was horrible – everything in there was being digested very slow. People, animals and things were all in different stages of decay — almost as if we went directly to hell. Will and I gasped hands and yelled an incantation that would blow up the snake. It worked – and we were thrown through the air like rag dolls.

As I landed with a thud in the dream – I did so on my bed I woke up. And it’s amazing – my body hurt as if I had just slammed into something. Cats were staring at me. I got up, drank a glass of wine – and went back to bed. It was something like 3:05 am.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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