A Cool Sphere, Yesterday's Vision and Just "Breathe"!

A Cool Sphere, Yesterday's Vision and Just "Breathe"!

Mailed off the short script today – we’ll see. Those who move to the next round will be announced on Aug 28th. Got back most of my notifications from the contests on “The Black Triangle” – it didn’t advance at all. Amazing – a script that gets good feedback (considers or recommends) from insiders, yet can’t advance in one screenwriting contest. Could it be because a certain religious group in Hollywood doesn’t want to see a story about the gypsies, their plight and suffering come to light? You never know. Never fear though – I’m not giving up, not by a long shot.

The outdoor cat that I always feed, Raisin, stop by yesterday with a banged up ear. He normally loves for me to pet him, but this time he was insistent on having me touch his hurt ear. It was pretty nasty and I wasn’t too keen on touching it – so I touched near to the wound. He stopped by later – it’s almost healed. Did I have anything to do with that – or was it simply just nature? No idea. But the cat seemed pretty darn happy.

It’s the whole scene I described (yesterday) with Bill, Ted and I that is disturbing – including the children. For as long as I could remember, I never wanted children – although there was never any “reason” for me to feel this way. Also – if I’m watching a show and there is harm to children in any way – I either leave the room (if others are also watching) or turn it off. It makes me sick for the rest of the day. Now that I had that vision – I understand both. Why I never wanted children (seeing 20 children killed in front of you is indescribable) or why seeing children getting hurt strikes such a cord. Of course I’ve had flash visions of the holocaust – and I’m sure that also has an imprint.

My son though, was a very pleasant surprise:)

I tried watching that scene again after my son went to bed. I’ll be dammed if I didn’t cry again – although not as bad as before. Still had that same gut pulling feeling. I’ll give it some time – and I’ll watch it again when it’s on TV in Aug.

I’ve got such a heavy feeling in my chest today – a big chunk of sadness that has no place or purpose. Not sure where it came from – but I wish it would go away. Another oddity is the song “Breathe (2am)” keeps playing in my mind. There’s a purpose – there always is – now I only have to figure out what. Anyone have the lyrics to this song? It’s by Anna Nalick.

I adopted the coolest Russian Astrophyllite w/ Garnet sphere. It just arrived. Such power it has – when I hold it in my left hand it’s like a ZING! It appears to absorb heat. After I held it I let my son hold it and he’s like “Mom, you made it hot!”. I decided to look up the meaning of the stone and this is what I found:

Astrophyllite is a powerful stone for developing powers of astral travel and it strengthens the magical senses and memory, thereby increasing the knowledge you are able to bring back from your astral journeys. Enhances intuition and helps you to understand hidden knowledge, especially the deep, universal truths that underlie most myths, fairytales and archetypes. Astrophyllite is an excellent stone to work with if you feel a need to examine your lifestyle or your spiritual path, allowing you to examine these aspects of yourself honestly without becoming emotionally involved. Raises self esteem and helps you connect with the Divine power of the Goddess or God that exists within you. Meditation with Astrophyllite can help you to recognize new opportunities when they arise in your life and it is especially useful if you need to find new ways of solving problems that you have been struggling with for some time.

So how cool is that? You know what’ll be with me come mediation on Monday!

Off to take my son to see “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” – even if I do insist on calling it “Willy Wonka”.

Don’t forget to look at the entry below this one and see if you can help the Wild Horse Preservation campaign!

Until tomorrow…

Crystal Sunshine!

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