A Concrete Sign, Energy Work and Todd!

A Concrete Sign, Energy Work and Todd!

So – I made my decision about not going to grad school on Wed afternoon. I had said earlier in the day for my guides and angels to give me a sign that I made the right choice. After I asked,  I kept seeing a bunch of numbers in my head. When I looked them up in “Angel Numbers” they all said basically that I made the right choice. Then I had to say — could you give me a sign a bit more concrete. Boy — did they. I can’t go into a lot of details – but it’s safe to say that my son wouldn’t have a safe place to go next year after school if I wasn’t home to get him. That pretty much sealed the deal. No grad school.

Still nervous. Still a bit scared. But more excited than anything else.

See – if you ask for signs the guides & angels will give you signs.

I had another outdoor cat get killed by a car 🙁 I know the odds are stacked that each of them will die an early death because they are outdoors. But it still makes me sad when it happens. If I could bring them all in I would.

My son and I have a three day weekend. I love three day weekends. I can sleep in:) I can never really decide though if sleeping in is worth it. I mean I LOVE sleeping. But I’m also a morning person and can get more than done before 9:00 am than any other time period. So I’m not sure if it is to my advantage or not.

To keep holding myself accountable – the flash spell book; almost done with the 100 love/friendship spells. Will work on that as get started on the prosperity/abundance spells. Easter bunny – not much has gotten done. Dreamers – a few more index cards up on the wall.

I did have another idea about making spell cards (after the oracle cards). An easy idea to help people create their own spells:) For example – one the top of some cards I would have a “P” for prosperity. Take as many “P” cards as you want – put them together and you have a personalized spell. Say you pick Patchouli oil, green candle and malachite cards. You would then anoint the green candle – place the malachite in front of it. Once the candle burns down you carry the malachite with you. Don’t want to use the malachite? Remove that card and in it’s place the word card that says: With this candle I draw to me all the prosperity I need to walk my soul’s path. You get the idea. Right? I can see it as plain as day in my head. It’s on the “list”.

So now my writing list looks like this:
Flash spell book
Oracle gypsy cards
Easter bunny kid book
Dreamers book series
OBE sex book
Spell cards

Now I just need a rich benefactor to pay my bills so I can just write after I graduate in May:)

If you find that your emotions are getting the better of you — try this handy exercise. You’re going to have to put your imagination into play – but you can do it – we all can imagine:

  • Make sure you won’t be disturbed for 5 mins.
  • Get comfortable and close your eyes.
  • Imagine yourself sitting there – around you there is a red energy field with spikes sticking out.
  • Imagine that you take your hands and smooth down the spikes. Think of it as smoothing down your hair. All you have to do is run your hands over the spikes. Keep at it – watch the spikes smooth out.
  • After the spikes are gone. Imagine that a white light shoots down into the red energy – covering it like white chocolate on a cherry.
  • Watch the white penetrate the red – soaking down into your energy field. The more the white penetrates, the more the red disappears.
  • If you have time – “watch” the white push all the red away. If you don’t have time – that fine because it is and will continue to work on it’s own.
  • Go about your day.
  • Repeat as needed.

When our emotions get the better of us – it’s our red energy getting out of hand. If you have a hard time imagining white – the color blue will also work.

I remember bits and parts about a dream with Todd last night. We were at a beach party – it was night. A nice bonfire was blazing. Todd and I were drinking our Guinness. Then it shoots to a bunch of us playing Pictionary then some card game. Todd and I are walking down the beach. I see me checking in on my son – he’s about 13 at this time. He’s on the computer playing a RPG. Todd mentions about moving in together. I’m about to answer him — and my alarm went off. One thing felt kinda odd about it all — it felt so normal. Meaning it was as if it just happened in the physical reality. It didn’t feel like a dream visit – but more as if waking up was the dream. I’m not sure if that makes sense – but that’s what it felt like.

Bill and I met in a library earlier in the evening. I asked if he was doing ok. He replied he hasn’t been this happy in a long time. I congratulated him. Asked him to check in on Ted from time to time. He said no. Ted’s part of his life that he’d rather not think about right now. I told him – tough shit. Whether he likes it or not we are all intertwined.He has to check in with Ted. It can be a phone call or a dream visit. Doesn’t matter how.

He then asked me when was the last time I talked to Ted. I replied that I don’t remember. I’ve met up with him in dreams and the only reason I know this is a residual feel that he was here. I knew I was with Ted without knowing what happened. Maybe it wasn’t mine to remember? Bill suddenly left – then I woke up. Moved a dog and turned over – went back to sleep.

Speaking of dogs — I think that they have to go out potty:)

Everyone have a great weekend!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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