A Cabin, The Castle and Workshops!

A Cabin, The Castle and Workshops!

For this session I decided to sit with my wand, 3 Crystals, Moldavite and Alexandrite. I wasn’t zapped with energy like I had been in the previous sessions – but – I had a hard time centering myself as I felt that I was being pulled in a different direction. Someone was trying to get me to be with them than with traveling to where I was supposed to – if that makes sense.

I opened up into a nice size log cabin. Not too big – but not too small either. It had a nice wrap around front porch that attached to a back deck. The deck overlooked a decent size yard, with a woods bordering all sides. Beyond the woods, a lake, visible through the trees, so it wasn’t very far away.

When you walk through the front door, it opens up into a great room/dining room. To the left is a nice stone fireplace and to the left of the fireplace is a door to a bedroom. To the right upon entering is a set of stairs to take you up to a loft/bedroom and bathroom. To the right of the great room/dining room was the kitchen. Just perfect in size. Beyond the kitchen was a bedroom, bath and a mud room.

I saw a montage of images:

Cindy, me, and our sons relaxing – making dinner, playing in the water, sitting by the fire.
Me, Bill and Ted – relaxing on the deck – making dinner – stumbling to morning coffee.
Christmas time with a big tree and many – many people around (including all of the above) for a very festive time.

I then moved to the castle/clinic I’ve had in so many visions. I can feel Archangel Raphael by my side but he is hovering only if I need him. I am in a room with a client – placing stones on her naked back. I grab a two glasses of water from a dispenser that has a large crystal in the top. I give one glass to the client and I drink the other. It is importnat to note that there is no plastic used here – all is glass.

I then see another client being rolled into a chamber that has crystals all around the perimeter, pointed in. She is placed in the middle of the crystals. Soothing music is put on, and aromatherapy is used.

I fly over the castle and discover that this is a healing center/spa. There are massage therapists, past life therapists, soothing natural springs and then myself and Bill and Ted as healers. I’m there more than they are. We all live in a wing of the castle. But this is why we each own other property – to get away and have privacy.

Next I am taken to Ted. He is sitting up in a chair – looks to be in a hotel room – smoking. I concentrate that the cigarette tastes bad – he coughs and puts it out. I send white, green, red and some orange light into his right front and back sides. I can feel the energy fighting the tumor. I do this for as long as he will sit still. He finally gets up and I feel someone behind me. It’s Bill. Now the pulling to go somewhere other than where I should be stops. At least I know who was trying to get my attention.

He has tears in his eyes and says that he needs my help. I tell him to go away – that he needs to help himself. Tears flow down his face and he begs me to help him see the light again. I say okay and we move into the clouds.

He lies down and I’m sending white and green light into him. He comments that he is cold – I tell him that once the negativity is out he will feel warm again. I can see a black goop coming out from the top of his head and it disengages when it hits the air. I tell him that he needs not to be worried so much about earthly concerns and not to let others dictate his life. That he needs to stop working for others for awhile and do what brings him joy – not what lines others pockets with money. He says he knows.

Once the blackness is gone, he does comment that he feels better. He gives me a kiss and I wake up.

I’ve made some good headway on book two! Yeah!

I’m considering doing a weekend workshop next year, in conjunction with Cindy, to concentrate on connecting with angels/guides and to help one manifest what they desire in life (goal planning, using magic/feng shui/flower essence/stone or crystals). I’m thinking about another on soul mates and to open up and expand upon your own psychic abilities. Of course another one on healing. It all depends what kind of interest there is.

Until later…

Crystal Sunshine!

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