For those of you who have been here for a spell – do you remember my Easter story idea from a few years back? I didn’t either – until today. For some reason that baby popped right into my head. A picture book for 4 – 6 year olds about Easter. Anyways – I mentioned it to my manager (which is what I think I was supposed to do) and now it is on the agenda for 2009.

In lieu of my son starting his biz with kids and food – he is going to be starting a business selling either organic soap and/or beeswax candles – which I of course, will sell on Gypsy Advice:) Once he gets his feet wet with this biz, then we will work on the larger one with kids and food. My kid has the entrepreneurial spirit – I love it!

I wish I was going to Utah today…SIGH…I just had to get that out again….sorry.

I had a very interesting experience last night during dream time. I had expected to find Vincent for some great dream sex – but instead found someone different. They thought I could be fooled – ha! What surprised me though was that this person is from a past life with Vincent and I (I mention it in the PLR I have online). He was the King from the past life visit where I was married to a much older man – the King and was having an affair with one of his knights – Vincent. When the King found out about the affair, he set Vincent out to a battle he knew he could not win. And lived a loveless life until I finally died. Rat bastard….he needs to stay away – and I think Vincent will make sure he does.

For some reason I was looking for a “K3” with the 3 lowered so that the top of it is at the base of the K – on labels. I was in a room – reminded me of a very very large walk-in closet/dressing area. There was a K1 & a K2 and I turned to my son and asked about the K3. He showed me a crisp label, portrait style, white with a double gold border wit the K3 top center in silver and some name across the middle. It was very elegant, very regal almost. My son was an adult in this dream – very handsome. I have no idea what they were or why I was looking for them.

My ex just stopped by to pick up our son for a few hours. Seems that he is off work for most of Dec – layoff company wide – until Jan 5th. He also informed me that he’s filing for bankruptcy. I have no idea how this will impact me and the house since the mortgage is in his name (although I have been paying it) and the house is in my name. I can’t get the mortgage in my name – yet – because I don’t make enough to qualify for a loan. SIGH. It’ll all work out somehow – it always does.

I’ve been working a lot on my back chakras this past week. It’s amazing the pressure I feel in each chakra as I’m working on it. I spent quite a bit of attention today on the back throat chakra since I’m starting to get a sore throat (and I’ve been working on the front as well). Today as I was working on the back, it felt like someone took their fist and pressed it up against the back of my neck and just kept pushing. The pressure never did let up – but I did get an energy surge up and down my body.

Time to run, need to fix myself a quick dinner, run to the post office and then get back to OBE sex outline!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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