A 5 For Change!

A 5 For Change!

Do you need to jump start some change in your life? Try this!

The number 5 in Numerology symbolizes change. It can be change in a job, location, travel, love, money or an attitude/perception.

To start change in your life you can do one of three things:

1. Write a small “5” or tape a “5” in each corner of your bedroom and rooms that you frequent often (bathroom, office, kitchen).

2. If work is where you want the change (promotion, lateral move) – put the “5” in your cubicle/office and/or on your desk.

3. Instead of putting the number 5 in the corners – you can put 5 objects in the corners instead: 5 pens, 5 flowers, 5 books, etc…

After the change, remove the “5s” or the change will continue forward!

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