9 Crystals and What a Difference!

9 Crystals and What a Difference!

Boy – where do I start with this one? Instead of the usual 15 – 20 min, this session lasted 40. I don’t remember all…

I normally surround myself with 3 crystals. Taking a cue from the last session, this time I did 9 – and wow – what a difference. Then instead of sitting with my healing wand, I held in my left and the stone from Malibu and a piece of Moldivate. My hands felt as if they were two infernos. I could feel the sweat just pouring around the two stones.

As soon as I started – I called in my guides and angels as always for guidance and protection. I could tell that my vibration rate was way up. I entered into a group of clouds and then to the first class section of a huge airliner (looked like a new airbus). Looking from 1st class back towards business and then coach – Ted and his girlfriend were sitting on the left – Ted in the aisle seat. Her seat was reclined a bit and she was watching out the window. Hair was down and light makeup. He was leaning back in his seat – eyes closed. The flight attendant asks him if he wants another drink. He hands her the empty glass and says yes. He is drinking gin and tonic – a departure from the dark beer he loves.

They both look worn out and thankful to be heading home. There is a tension between them. His eyes look horrible – so empty – so sad. She leans over and asks him if he is still going to introduce her to a friend of his – he says of course. I can feel that he can tell she is only using him for what he is not caring really who he is. But on the flip side she makes him feel young and desired. But no matter what kind of excuses he makes – he is still lonely.

I move in front of Ted into an empty seat. I lean over the top and stare at him. He looks right at me – or it appears right at me. I hear him whisper – “Where are you?” His g/f looks over and asks “What did you say?”. He half smiles and says nothing. She closes her eyes and falls asleep. He closes his eyes to sleep too – after he sighs and looks out the window. My hands are so hot now that they hurt. I get that I am supposed to send the energy into Ted. So I hold my hands out and I can see the energy move from me into him. His eyes are closed and he stirs. A smile slides across his face – he has the most amazing smile I’ve ever seen. He mumbles “I miss you”.

Now time seems to fast forward – like you see in the movies. My hands are still out – the energy is still pouring in. But with the acceleration in time they are off the plane, grab a cab, he drops her off at her place, he goes to his place – sorts through some mail – makes a call to his oldest child (they fight) – looks around the empty flat and tosses a glass vase against the wall. I jump back to the present and I take my hands away from Ted.

The angel Brigit arrives. I stand in the aisle. Hurtling towards me is a very large sword. I dodge it and it lands in the aisle. She tells me to pick it up. I don’t want to go – she says that I have to. I pick up the sword – it’s heavy. I look down at myself and now I am dressed like a male knight – fit for battle. I follow Brigit to the back of the plane and through the clouds.

I exit on a battle field with a large man coming after me. I raise the sword and we battle – God this thing is heavy. I stab him in the chest – he goes down. Another charges at me from the side. I pull a large knife from a sheath on my hip and fling it at the man – it enters his head. He dies. I retrieve the knife. The sword is difficult to pull from the dead man’s chest. I have to put a foot on him to pull it out. The smell of death his everywhere and overpowering.

I realize that I’m Joan of Arc. I look at Brigit and I tell her that it was her who was my (Joan’s) messenger from God. She nods. The Archangel Michael steps up and says he too was a messenger from God.

A soldier comes up and says that the north has returned and that the moor is secure. I tell him to send the men to the south in the morning and then turn East by nightfall. He nods and leaves.

I’m now in a chapel – praying – in front of an altar. From my left, my cleric, Bill, approaches me. I don’t remember much of this conversation. But I tell him that I will not be returning home. He asks why. I say because when we turn east I will be captured and then killed. He says not to go east. I tell him I must – too many people are depending on it. My life for many – not a difficult choice and a sacrifice I must make. I tell him that once I am captured he must go into hiding – for they will track him down. He says no – his place is by my side. I beg him to please reconsider – in fact – I command him to reconsider. He says that if he wishes for him to do so – than I should turn east on a different day.

Cut to me in bed with Ted. Remember – he is a priest. He is very gentle and loving. I ask him if God will send me to hell for sleeping with one of his servants? He replies – did I not just do the same? Are you not a messenger from God? I smile. He says that no matter what the church says – that he knows God is all loving and forgiving. That we are in hell now – so there is no reason to worry.

Brigit arrives and tells me that I must go. So ‘I” lift myself from “Joan” and with one last look at the sleeping couple – I follow her into a mist.

I arrive in Atlantis. I am in the center of 9 crystals – outdoors. The moon and stars shine bright. I’m going into a mediation (in the middle of this meditation – very confusing) and I can see a slide show of different events – me healing people, Bill, Ted and I having a good laugh over something, moving crystals to change the light patterns in my home, some more things I cannot remember and then a strange hairy beast – reminds me of bigfoot – charges at me. I’m startled out of my meditation and there is a beast coming right at me. Out of nowhere – Clive jumps in front of me and slays it. He extends his hand and helps me up. Asks if I’m okay and I say “Yes”. I see a light to my right – I know that I am supposed to enter it.

I arrive in Bill’s bedroom. The blinds are drawn – it’s daylight out but he is sitting in the dark in the middle of his bed. Around him are drawings of me and pieces of paper – looks like copies of my blog. I climb on the bed – his head turns as he watches the bed move. I sit in front of him. Looking at him – I tell him that I love him. Tears are in his eyes and he says that he loves me too. I’m shocked – I ask, can you see me? He reaches out and touches my face and replies – I always can. We kiss – I can feel his mouth, his hot breath, his tongue as if my physical body was right there. I am caressing his face, tracing my finger down his cheekbone. He asks me to come to him. I tell him I can’t – for him to call me. He shakes his head – he’s unsure. I ask him if this is how he wants us to meet for the rest of this lifetime or would he prefer to have my physical present. He smiles – we both know the answer to that. I tell him again to call.

My hands heat up to the inferno temperature again. I place my hands on him and send him a wow of a healing light. I witness the energy going in – I can see it travel through his body – and then out his crown to surround his body.

There’s a knock his door and that jolts me right out of there and back home. I wake up.

Whew….told you it was a lot…..

I think that the 9 crystals is the way to go from now on. The poor stone from Malibu was so hot when I was done that I think it welcomed me letting go.

The poems haven’t gotten much further – life keeps getting in my way.

I did decide that I am going to write a book about my quest for Bill/Ted and my past lives – in diary form. I put most of what happens in my dealings with the two in this blog – but not all. In the book, I will put all. If for nothing else to get my story out and to let people know that if this happen
s to them – they are not insane.

My son – bless his heart – knows all about Bill. Well – what a 5 year old can perceive anyway and he picked up on things/events without me breathing a word. He sees a picture of Bill on my computer and he is staring at it. I ask him if he wants to tell me something and he nods his head. He comes up to me and whispers into my ear:

“The colors in your mind is Bill.”

I must admit – he shocked me.

Until tomorrow…

Crystal Sunshine!

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