7th Dimension and Ted's Anger!

7th Dimension and Ted's Anger!

I enter into a room. Sitting on a chair is Ted. He looks unshaven, unwashed and an overall mess. He’s smoking a cigarette. I start to walk towards him and Peter appears, gives him a strong cup of coffee. Ted turns and sees me. He looks away. I reach him and ask him what’s wrong. He turns to me – his eyes are very bloodshot – and says that he can’t take it any more. He doesn’t want any connections — nothing. He asks me to go away. I’m shocked and I look at Peter and back at Ted. I tell Ted that he can’t mean that. Why would he want me to go away?

He turns to me – his face is red and angry and screams – because you picked him! I tell him that I didn’t pick anyone. I put my hand on his shoulder and he pushes me hard. Peter tells me that I’d better go. I don’t want to go – I tell him. I’ll take care of him, just go before you make it worse – Peter tells me. Off to my right I see a bright light. From the light steps Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel. They motion for me to go to them.

As we 3 enter the light – I can hear Ted sob. I can feel his pain – man does it hurt. We exit the light and we are in the same place. I see Peter comforting Ted. The Archangels say nothing to me – but I know that they want me to send healing light. From my hot hands comes a mixture of red, orange and white light. They spiral into Ted’s heart charka and disperse throughout his body. His anger subsides as the light is in him. Peter looks around – I feel that he is looking for me. Ted collapses, Peter places him on the ground. There is nothing on the ground when Ted lays down, but them under him and up around him springs our meadow – full of life, color and positive energy. Peter glances around and smiles – he looks around and simply says – thata` girl.

The next thing I know is that I am in a very large, all white place. You would think that it would be cold here – but the air is very comfortable. I see many many people walking around all in white. I have an Archangel on each side of me. I ask – where are we going? Archangel Gabriel says for an assignment. Archangel Raphael disappears and now it is just the two of us. The floor reminds me of white marble and the walls of moonstone. We are walking through a maze of corridors when I realize that we are in the same complex I have had in so many dreams/visions. I ask – where is this place? I am told the 7th dimension. I have to ask – where’s that? Gabriel smiles and tells me not to think about it so much – it will all come to me naturally.

We enter into a very large library – there are hundreds of thousands of books – as far back as the eye can see. We move through the cases and we get a book with my name on it. Archangel Gabriel places it on a table. I open it and it is all in symbols – reminds me of runes – but there are more symbols than are in a runic alphabet. I am told to just place my hands on the book. I do. A pair of hands cover mine.

With that I’m pushed out – so to speak and I’m done. When this session was finished – I had a stabbing headache caddy corner from my left eye on my forehead.

This weekend was very odd – dream wise. As always – I slept with my wand on my night stand, but I also took in my Moldavite and Augite. With this combination my dream visits seem to explode in number and most of the time I can remember quite a bit. Except this time I remember being told that I wasn’t going to remember. That the visits were for my subconscious as not to overload my conscious. So I guess my new information will trickle to me when it is supposed to. That’s all I would need is to fry my brain with information overload!

Seems the push for my radio show is back on again. I’ll let you know more details as soon as I know them!

My son is sick 🙁 A wicked cough and fever just sprung up out of no where. Since we had such a problem with his lungs last year I called his doc who said that pneumonia is really going around and he wanted to see him. So we go – he doesn’t have it – but he’s on meds to prevent it from catching. He is also not to go to preschool this week.

Better get to work!

Until later….

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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