7 Tips For Singles To Love Valentine's Day

7 Tips For Singles To Love Valentine's Day

For the single man or woman, seeing signs for Valentine’s Day can send a stabbing sensation through your heart. On the one day of the year where the world celebrates love, a single person should be able to celebrate this FABO day!

I mean come on — it is about LOVE — right?

Who is the number one person on the planet that you need to love?

YOU – that’s who.

So if you find yourself without a lover this Valentine’s Day — big whoopie poo!

That’s right — you heard it here first – BIG WHOOPIE POO!

Love yourself instead!

Does that mean I’m talking about masturbation? Well, self-loving is always a good thing! But no – this time around it’s not what I mean. See..

7 Tips for Singles to Love Valentine’s Day

  1. Go out with your single friends. If it is a group of good friend, have a pot luck gathering at one of the houses. This way you’re with people, but not out to witness the gooey love struck couples.
  2. Spend time with your family. Parents (especially as they get older) love to spend time with the child they love. If your parents are divorced – spend time with the single one or the one geograptically closed to you.
  3. Grab your favorite indugence food and watch a movie that is not a chick flick, love or romance, and romcom. Instead go for action adventure, documentry, or a how-to.
  4. Ignore Feb 14th and instead celebrate Single Awareness Day on Feb 15th by sending yourself some flowers!
  5. Jump into a round of Speed Dating! If you’ve always wanted to try it but never have – now is the time!
  6. Offer to babysit for a couple that never has a chance to get away. You will not be alone, you will be needed, and you will be doing a favor for friends. It is a day of LOVE – remember?
  7. Indulge yourself. That’s right – go out and buy yourself that bracelet or watch you wanted. Maybe even that iPad Mini. Chocolate, flowers, and a massage! Now that’s really loving yourself!

It’s not a crime to be single. It’s not a bad thing to be single. What is a bad thing is not loving yourself. So take the time — and give yourself some much needed loving!

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